Last year, a friend from my high school days, Margaret Hall Spencer, published her first children’s book, My City Tree Cares For Me, a sweet story of a young girl’s appreciation of nature’s towering wonders. I immediately purchased a copy and discovered that it resonated with me on several levels. For starters, in my profession, I’m constantly connecting to energy sources. Living in Palm Springs, they range from spectacular mountains and, as far as trees, uh, palms! Never taking the surroundings for granted, I’m very much aware of the amazing riches they provide.

But, there’s more to her book. How brilliant of the author to select a youngster to provide the narrative for this cheerful wake-up call. Through a child’s eyes, the world is less filtered. Pure. Loving. Hopefully, grown-ups will not only share the story’s message with kids, but will serve as role models in protecting and blessing the planet.

And, I still have more to say about the quick read. The girl in the paperback thrives on co-existing with the great outdoors. Not once is there a mention of her wanting to be glued to a video game or texting on an iPhone. How pleasant that simple pleasures and experiences trumped the sometimes all-too consuming impact of technology in our lives (and, that’s coming from a blogger!).

And, finally, as someone who is pursuing his own publishing venture, my friend serves as an inspiration. The power of the pen has the ability to inform and influence. It’s my intent to join her ranks in the near future.

In the meantime, go hug a tree and feel good about it!

Love and light,







10 thoughts on “Tree-mendous!

  1. Rosemary Carter

    The last 20 years of my career were in an elementary school library where I learned to love children’s literature. I still enjoy collecting the genre and appreciate hearing about a new author, especially from our hometown. Thanks again for another interesting blog.

    1. Tony Post author

      Children’s books are wonderful…I can still remember my first one, “Mike Mulligan and The Steamshovel.” And, 20 years in a library, what a special way to cap off an admirable career in education!

  2. Margaret Hall Spencer

    It means so much to me knowing that my little book inspires people. In addition to educating children about the benefits of trees, my hope was to inspire them and give them an appreciation of these magnificent creations and of nature. Thank you for sharing, Tony. Much love.

  3. Stephanie Jones Wilson

    Oh, the childhood memories I have of time spent up in a tree!!! My brother and I would see who could climb to the top the fastest. Of course, I always won! Even if it meant me climbing so high I couldn’t get back down! I recall more than once my Papa climbing up to help me back to earth! I can also remember sitting in one tree in particular reading for hours on end. It’s too bad that today’s technology (as wonderful as it can be!) deters kids from the bountiful joys of nature! I do believe I will be purchasing Margaret’s book for my soon-to-be-born niece! Thanks for sharing, Tony!

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing your story. Childhood memories (like climbing trees) can help us reconnect to the child that still resides within us.

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