Four Years Ago…

“I can’t be going crazy. This is all too real,” I shrieked at my distraught twin image staring back from the bathroom mirror in the wee morning hours four years ago. Vacationing in Palm Springs (where I now reside) during Easter 2008, I was thrust into an intense, three-week spiritual awakening (I called it “boot camp”) that was something out of my wildest dreams….and nightmares. My life would never be the same.

If that scenario sounds like it belongs in a book, that’s because it is – the one I’ve written (and hope to have published in the future) about my spiritual journey. Clients and friends often ask, “How did you discover your gift?” I don’t reply with a mind-blowing replay of my unexplained encounters that began in the desert and then followed me to Louisville (my home base at the time). That would take hours and hours! I simply tell them that I had a major spiritual awakening, one that I sensed would alter my course. Wildly enough, four years ago, I remember standing infused – and confused – in the surreal surroundings of that stark-lit bathroom, knowing that one day I’d share my spiritual experiences with others.

However, it wasn’t until a few months after “boot camp” that I accepted the fact that those three weeks of my receiving visions, messages, smells, feelings and sounds from, I assumed, a higher source were part of a much bigger plan. I concluded that I had a gift, one I ultimately chose to embrace and cultivate. Initially, I kept mum, bringing only a few into my fold. After all, I was still engaged in a fruitful corporate gig and bursting into a boardroom announcing that I was psychic might elicit gasps or laughs…or both!

So, I remained patient, realizing that when the moment was right, I’d know what steps to take to further pursue my calling. And, it happened. When 25-plus years of Fortune 500 work ceased three years ago, I was primed to take the plunge. By then, I was not only better prepared as an intuitive professional, but also as a human being. A personal paradigm shift for sure, yet, I’ve never double-guessed my choice. It felt right.

Four years later after my life was turned upside down, I love offering insights through personal consultations and the blog. And, I can hardly wait for what’s gonna happen next!

Love and light,



15 thoughts on “Four Years Ago…

  1. Vicki Morris

    Tony, I applaud you for moving forward with your intuitive gift. Hopefully, other people that read your message with also be lead to move forward with their gift and not stuff it away. It is also an eye opener as to start paying attention to all the little whispers that the universe gives you. Make it fun! I’m so looking forward to reading your book – I know you will let us know when it is available.
    Much love to you,

  2. Joan Kelly

    You’re an inspiration for following your passion and “calling!” Being able to help others “see” through the maze of life is a gift that I’m glad was finally presente to you!

  3. Mickey

    Tony, you have an extraordinary gift and using that gift to help others is in itself a truly amazing gift to all. Thank you for your kind words and inspirational Blogs!
    Love and Light to you!

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks so much for your comments and thoughts. And, I’m sure you’ve noticed that many of my blogs have been inspired by other people and their sharing their special abilities.

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