Ac-costumed To Who You Are

It’s that time of year when people search for alter-egos, ones which stretch the boundries of imagination and creativity (still stunned that I had the nerve one Halloween to be The Devil Wears Prada, accented with horns, goatee, red boots and boa). Trick-or-treat’s costume-fest is an excuse for adults to uncork their childish wonder of being who or what we want to be – even if for one night.

But, why do most only allow themselves to be adventurous just once a year, if even then? Being a crazed, fanged monster isn’t something most would opt to be on an ongoing basis, but the effort in which it took to concoct such an outfit – or the like -deserves huge credit for breaking the celebrant’s day-to-day norm. It’s not necessarily about taking on another persona (although I love it when I hear of those who dress up in career roles that they’ve always admired, as perhaps it’s one way to playfully explore aspirations), it’s more about giving yourself permission to experiment with ideas, color, art and communication. One of the most clever ways to get connected to who you are and can be.

Some of my intuitive consultation sessions echo those thoughts, as I have clients who will flat-out tell me that they’re afraid to uncover new challenges and opportunities (even though they want them). Mainly, because they’re unsure as to what lurks behind the corners of a self-imposed haunted house of sorts if they dare to explore. But, that can easily be the beauty of new ventures, enjoying the unexpected surprises that delight and inspire us as we continue our journey. So, when I share with clients intuitive insights that are aligned with their desired growth patterns, it can be the nudge they often need to confront decisions and make choices that will move their lives forward. Nothing spooky about that at all.

Don’t let Halloween be the only time you allow yourself to explore your creative talents and energy for self-growth and awareness. You can celebrate your potential everyday!

Be who you are. Not Boo-who you are.

Love and light,



4 thoughts on “Ac-costumed To Who You Are

  1. Mike

    I second Kenn’s suggestion.

    I, for one, often have great ideas for Halloween costumes, but lack the know-how to being my ideas to life. I hope this is not a limitation outside of the costume arena.

    1. Tony Post author

      Just transfer the same kind of creative, expressive energy into other aspects (that doesn’t mean dressing up as a zombie year round LOL) of your life : )

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