Shaken, Not Stirred

Sometimes we want to be shaken like a holiday snow globe, allowing the sparkling elements of our lives to dance freely in air, gathering fresh energy before landing. I’m shaken frequently, and I don’t necessarily wait for Christmastime to do so!

Many of my psychic consultation clients are faced in situations where aspects of their world are stagnant: bored with a job, tired of their environment, lacking romance in a relationship, etc. While some shakes could result in finding a new career, relocating to another city or going separate ways, often, it’s just time to make some healthy, thought-out adjustments to current affairs.

And, the trick is to be in control of shaking your own globe. When you sense signs of tedium, give yourself permission to explore ways to enhance, improve and reinvigorate your circumstances. For example, just because one has a specific job description, it doesn’t limit a person from developing and sharing new ideas outside of their immediate area if it benefits the overall company. Who knows? It could lead to your being placed on a cross-functional team to implement the project.

Not thrilled with your home? Try a fresh coat of paint, add art or consider the helpful vibes of feng shui, a Chinese geomantic practice of positioning objects to allow for harmony and spiritual alignment.

Is a relationship lacking sizzle? Look for creative ways to reopen the communication channels: cooking classes, hiking expeditions, volunteering opportunities or even hanging from the chandelier!

When events occur outside of your control due to others, the weather, the economy, etc., remember, you decide how you work through them. Such as, if a job ends with a thud, you can choose to either mope or network your way to new and, perhaps, more prosperous opportunities. Never be afraid of change or mixing things up a bit; they’re factors that help us evolve and grow as human beings.

Go ahead; shake your globe! You’ve got your whole world in your hands.

Love and light,


My favorite snow globe given to me by my friend Joyce Newman.

My favorite snow globe given to me by my friend Joyce Newman.

4 thoughts on “Shaken, Not Stirred

  1. Rich Tyrrell

    This really resonates with me – it’s a reminder that there are other ways to look at a situation. After all, I’m in charge of me, right?

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