Flower Power

“Roy, be sure to tell Pete at Ivywood that you want yellow roses,” my grandmother instructed my grandfather, just before he ordered a dozen beauties from the hometown florist. Thus, became a tradition: my mother always received yellow roses from my grandparents on birthdays and other special occasions.

My wonderful grandparents, whom I called Mama and Papa, have since passed away, but I think of them everyday. Even more so with Christmas approaching, as they, being the family elders, were the centerpieces of the season. I know that I’m not alone in missing loved ones during the holidays. Many of my psychic consultation clients express a desire to reconnect with departed spouses, children, friends and relatives during this time of year. It’s aways a joyous moment when spirit does come through duing a session with messages to share.

I received my own spiritual message this weekend while taking a Sunday morning walk along the Santa Barbara coast. Taking in the views of the marina and beach, I thought about Mama and Papa and asked the Universe for a sign that their collective spirit was with me.

As I strolled further up the hill to enjoy the cliffside ocean vistas, I was drawn to sit on a particular park bench to meditate. Understand, the pedestrian friendly route has a surplus of benches and picnic tables, yet, I was led to sit on this specific one. I casually settled into the bench, shut my eyelids and connected with my inner self for a few minutes.

When I opened my eyes, I was amazed. Directly in front of me were 12, yellow, long stemmed roses secured within the fence overlooking the Pacific Ocean! While they were placed there by others to honor someone else or to mark a milestone, the residual effect touched me, as I’d now received my sign.

Or, more like a blooming miracle!

Love and light,


Yellow roses magically appeared overlooking the Pacific Ocean!

Yellow roses magically appeared overlooking the Pacific Ocean!


14 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Jacky

    For me, the artistic appeal is from that central point of the bloom. A nothing, a dimensionless point, that is the beginning of all things and energies, the sweet randomness of nature then follows a blueprint in order to reach OUR deepest inner point, the Soul.
    Thx for the insight. Tony!
    See y’all next week!

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