Defying Gravity!

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney aren’t the only ones seeing their share of space scenes lately. While not a megawatt star like the principals in the hit movie, Gravity, I’ve been having ongoing above-the-Earth intuitive visions.

The sightings in my mind’s eye began earlier this year (check out May 30, 2013 post, Meet George Jetson!) and haven’t let up. Hollywood’s sometimes guilty of over-the-top wizardry in some movies, but the film community often has its pulse on the social/cultural/economic and, yes, scientific trends before they hit the mainstream radar. My point being is that the concept for Gravity was probably on a studio’s drawing board a couple years prior. And, what I’m sensing is that we are in the infancy of more space exploration.

Some advancements will be tailored for civilians, (again, check out earlier post) who, for a price, can suit up for orbital journeys. The U.S. Government will also expand its space program, with targeted efforts encouraged by the bankrolls of solar and satellite companies’ political action committees (PACs).

Then, there are people like me, (psychic intuitives, metaphysicians, etc.) who are receiving messages and signs related to energies beyond our physical existence. Whether these faraway places are called dimensions, galaxies or another term, I feel that more answers will be forthcoming in this area of communicative discovery as well.

Who knows? With all this attention to outer space, perhaps there’s a remake in the works of Don Knotts’ The Reluctant Astronaut. Or, maybe Knott.

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