Tunnel Vision

Last week, U.S. authorities unearthed a ventilated, lighted tunnel equipped with a small rail car system that extended from Tijuana, Mexico across the border into Southern California. Law enforcement closed the illegal portal, identified as a conduit for drug smuggling. Two days prior to this discovery, I had intuitive visions of such a tunnel and my psychic gift tells me that there’s more involved.

I believe that there are other crimes connected to the tunnel, specifically, kidnapping for various purposes. I’ve seen scenes of woman and children being held against their wills in poor living conditions. These trapped humans were forced to abet in criminal endeavors, possibly even constructing the tunnel, led by the narcotic empire. My mind’s eye also saw a warehouse, associated with the tunnel, stacked with inventory that’s accessed by forklift.

But, I don’t think the activity stops with drugs, weapons or stolen goods. These captives were also being transported underground into the U.S. for a price, being sold to prostitution or modern day slavery rings.

While awareness and the cracking down of human trafficking have increased, more efforts are needed. Expect additional covert operations to address these issues in the near future. Not only for the acts happening just below the U.S., but with other similar scenarios whose origins are from parts of the Far East.

As concerned citizens, we can all send prayers, positive energy and healing vibrations to those victims and others whose lives are in related peril. Together, we will create some light at the end of their tunnel.

Love and light,





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