Once More, With Passion

Pulling the Obstacles and Challenges card from the 65-piece Psychic Tarot deck (I also use them in my private client sessions) this Monday might have been an uneasy way for some to start the week. But, as I’ve learned, all of the cards are truly designed to move you in a positive manner. Here’s what happened to me:

Last week, I dedicated a chunk of time to re-editing my book, a spiritual journey memoir, that I hope to publish soon. What works best for me during this process is to stay away from the manuscript for a couple of months and apply my energy and resources to other worthwhile tasks. Then, with a fresh mind and additional experiences under my belt, reapproach the manuscript with a keener set of eyes. With a hard copy version and pen in hand, I reexamined page by page, line by line and word by word, making tweaks along the way.

So, this Monday arrives and it’s time to incorporate my changes into the computer. Out of the 256 pages, about two-thirds were dog-eared with improvements, meaning transferring the hard copy edits to electronic form was going to be a time-extensive undertaking. That alone, could have been moan-worthy. Then, I drew the Obstacles and Challenges card. The second I saw it, however, I grinned. I knew that despite what issues might arise, all would be worth the effort.

First curveball came right after I opened the Word document and realized that it’d been created in my old PC. And, in my recently purchased Apple, it was now a read-only file. Oy! Another prime opportunity to moan! But, instead, I contacted a high-tech savvy friend, who managed to manipulate the document so I could make my collection of edits.

But, the big surprise came as I began plugging in and deleting words and sentences. Bless Spell Check, because as I went about my planned work, certain words were highlighted on the screen as questionable, which prompted me to get out my trusted Webster’s Dictionary (a high school graduation gift!). Initially, I was shocked that those incorrect spellings had made it that far through the various stages of my meticulous editing adventures. I kicked myself a few times, but soon gratefully thanked the Universe for placing me in the situation. While annoying and, perhaps, even embarrassing, the conditions helped make the current draft a much better one.

And, even after all of that, the Obstacles and Challenges theme continued: Later that night, my new printer ran out of ink midway through cranking out the updated manuscript.

Labor of love projects, such as this, require patience and a strong belief in the work’s purpose….and extra ink cartridges on hand!

Love and light,




4 thoughts on “Once More, With Passion

  1. Vicki

    Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for the challenges (contrast) that arise at times. Without them I would not know what I truely want.

    1. Tony Post author

      You are so good about realizing the roles (and apply them our advantage vs. disadvantage) that perceived challenges/contrasts have in our daily physical and spiritual lives. xoxo

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