Papa, Can You Hear Me?

As I (at age 11) sat on a pile of Sears & Roebuck catalogs, my grandfather, in the passenger seat, instructed me how to drive a car. Maneuvering down country roads wasn’t the only time that the man, whom I called Papa, steered me along in life. He’s since made his transition, but we’re still in touch. Here’s what happened just this month.

One evening last week, I received an intuitive vision of someone taking an old photo out of an envelope, scanning it and then, sharing the image online. The next morning, I discovered that my mother had posted on Facebook a picture of my late grandfather (which, by the way, I’d taken) in honor of what would’ve been his 89th birthday! That was my cue! As a psychic-medium, I’m often the conduit for loved ones’ spirits who have information for my clients. That day, I knew Papa had messages for his only daughter, my mother.

Quietly, I meditated and asked if Papa had anything he wanted to communicate through me to my mother, as I was sure she’d spent the morning revisiting memories of her father. Without hesitation, a collection of visions appeared in my mind’s eye, while the rest of my body felt as though it was wrapped in a blanket of warm energy. I jotted down the notes and placed a call to my mother.

When she answered, I explained to her what I’d done and proceeded to share the messages. I started with a question, “Have you had problems recently with the overhead lights in your house?”

She responded, “Yes! Last week, they started flickering for no reason at all. An electrician checked everything out and there wasn’t a short or any other problem. Haven’t had any problems since. It was all kind of strange.”

It didn’t seem strange to me, as I’m aware that spirits’ energies often interfere with electrical appliances and the like. Undoubtedly, my grandfather chose the entire ceiling! I responded, “The lights flickering were Papa’s spirit communicating with you. He did the same thing at his own funeral, remember? (The chapel lights blinked several times just before his service began) He was trying to get your attention. And, did this happen while you were in the kitchen baking pies?”

She thought for a second, “Yes! I noticed the lights were going off and on while I was taking two pecan pies out of the oven.” What’s really interesting is that pecan pie was my grandfather’s favorite dessert. He was even an expert baker himself, when it came to that specific treat.

“Papa wants you to know that his spirit was around you that day – and any day, for that matter. And, he’s glad to have gotten this message to you on his birthday.”

Needless to say, my mother felt as though she was the one who’d received a special gift.

Not wanting to be outdone by my grandfather, my late grandmother’s spirit came to visit me just the other night. But, I’ll save that story for next week’s blog!

Love and light,


Scan 9

One of my favorite pictures of Papa with his first (and last) martini!




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  1. John Henry Martin

    Hey Tony! I just saw an article in the University of Virginia Magazine about Jim B Tucker and the work he does with children’s remembrance of past lives. See his website What he’s done dovetails perfectly with your experience!

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