Mama Mia!

When I was a baby, my grandmother, or Mama as I called her, often showed me the moon from her kitchen window as a way to calm my midnight cries. She’s since passed away, but her spirt still comforts me – and others – in wondrous ways. Here’s what happened just last week.

In the midst of wrapping gifts, I noticed a phone email from one of my psychic intuitive clients from my Alabama hometown had been posted. Occasionally, a client will send me a follow-up question to a session, so I checked to see if that was the case. Sure enough, her query was, “Tony, do you have any insights regarding my granddaughter? I haven’t seen her in months and I have no idea where she might be. I’m worried.”

Immediately, I heard in my head, that the situation with her granddaughter evolved specifically around the child’s mother. The client quickly confirmed that to be true.

I began to type a reply, “Your granddaughter is fine. She is not in any harm. And, you may see her again as soon as January. In the meantime, send love out into the Universe instead of fear and hate.” And, then, spiritual magic took over. I began to cry uncontrollably. And, without questioning, I said aloud to only myself, “Mama, you’re here. I can feel you. I know this is you providing this loving guidance. I know it’s you.” The tears flowing down my face, belonging to my grandmother’s spirit, were expressing emotional joy and not sadness.

I relayed my channeling experience via email to my client, explaining to her about Mama’s spiritual force coming through my physical body.

Then, came my client’s response. “Oh, this is amazing, Tony! The whole time I was sending you my original message, I envisioned your grandmother whispering into your ear. I always knew that you two were close, so I just felt like she would be around you somehow. And, you tell me that she was!”

More tears. More insights. And, the client closed the conversation with, “My thoughts about my granddaughter’s mother haven’t been the kindest, as I felt she’d taken the child away from family. So, I will start sending out loving energy. It’s the right thing to do. I can’t thank you – and your sweet grandmother – enough for your help.”

I put away my phone and looked out from my own kitchen window at the shining moon. Smiling, I was touched how Mama’s spirit continued to bring her special peace to the world. I slept like a baby that night.

Love and light,


Scan 11

One of my favorite things: a picture of Mama on her Sound of Music tour in Austria.




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