O’ Christmas Tree

As the 2007 holiday season rushed in, my life checked out in a symbolic manner: I chose not to put up a Christmas tree. Like a hissed-at character in a Dickens’ novel, I’d assumed a bah-humbug demeanor and it made me sick to my stomach. Cardboard boxes filled with ornaments and lights stayed tucked away in the basement. Few gifts were ordered from a plethora of catalogs, as I was in no mood to brave the stores. Instead of the usual stacks of holiday CDs lined up for rotation, none were played. This didn’t feel like Christmastime to me. Make no mistake, the season had arrived; it’s just I was missing in action.

“I can’t continue to live like this. My life’s overdue for repairs,” I moaned, as melancholy eyes stared out the living room’s frosty window at shimmering lights inside neighbors’ homes. Their decorations triggered happier times when I was seven and the family trimmed a six-foot fir with green and blue bulbs and balls to match the shag carpet and furniture upholstery. I could almost hear my mother’s Glen Campbell Christmas album on the large wooden stereo, the needle hissing slightly in the vinyl’s grooves on Little Toy Trains because it had been played so often.

The tree represented more than just a home for presents. To me, the evergreen was the focal point of the season. It brought together the joyful things that made the yuletide special and complete. Needless to say, the Grinch routine that I’d fallen into in 2007 was torture, but it was the shove I needed to get my life to where I wanted it to be.

I share this memory from six years ago because it was my catalyst for positive change. It was also that December when a co-worker referred me to Debi Magnes, a licensed life coach….and psychic. Now, remember, this was a few months before I discovered my own intuitive gifts. Anyway, my first session with Debi helped to clear the clutter in my head, so I could begin focusing on what I wanted to attract into my life. And, what I wanted to unload. Little did I know that taking those first steps would lead to a new career as a psychic intuitive counselor.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a funk such as the one I experienced – and it doesn’t have to be during the holidays – then, please know that it’s perfectly okay for women and men to seek assistance and guidance. Plenty of resources are available, such as support groups, therapists, clergy, spiritual leaders, trusted friends and yes, even, psychic-mediums, like yours truly.

When clients seek me out, my job is to provide intuitive insights about opportunities and growth potential, so they can be better prepared to make choices and take action. And, to get the most out of their lives. It’s that simple.

I’m grateful for my troubled holiday of 2007. For, it unwrapped a whole new approach to live life. The following Christmas; boy, did I have a tree!

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