The Graduate

Despite the title, this post isn’t dedicated to the saucy, groundbreaking Dustin Hoffman film, in which he, uh, uncovers, lessons with the help of the seductive Anne Bancroft. Instead, it’s a tribute to the thousands, including my best friend’s eldest daughter, who are accepting diplomas this spring, and anticipating what’s ahead!

Some students have their future ambitions already identified, like Rachel on “Glee,” (portrayed by Lea Michelle) whose passion is driving her to Streisand-like stardom. Even though she’s a fictional character, her determination is a noted asset, as long as she continues to polish her craft and expand her knowledge of the world in which she lives. Outside of TV land, throngs of other cap-and-gowners have made similar commitments with their college, vocational school, military and career choices.

But, what if a graduate is still undecided about that next step? It’s not the end of the world if the jury’s still out on what path to take. Nor, should the student be forced to adorn an L for loser, a la The Scarlett Letter. Often, a little time, self-exploration and encouragement are required for a person to find their post-Pomp and Circumstance bliss. Once it happens, the graduate discards the training wheels and takes control of the handle bars.

Guess what? We can “graduate” as many times in life as we want! Life’s meant to be a continuous learning and growth experience. Just because you initially set out to be a social worker doesn’t mean you can’t shift to become a registered nurse if interests steer you in that direction later. Or, police officer to politician. Housekeeper to hair stylist. Or, in my case, sign off from 25 years of corporate life to become an intuitive counselor.

Frequently, during my clients’ private intuitive sessions, I pick up on career passions and desires. “Is there a reason why you’re still a truck driver, if you really want to be a farmer?” I asked a client over the phone earlier this year. He just didn’t a have a reason, he had reasons (not enough money for equipment, current job keeps him on the road, etc.). I don’t encourage people to dump their current paychecks and instantly find their next money-maker. But, I do prompt people to visualize their goals and map out ways to create their new reality. As for the driver of the semi, his first step was to consult a realtor about possible attractive acreage deals. Last week, he emailed me that he now had some good land leads and is attending his first livestock show next month. I’d say he’s a on roll with his future “graduation” plans.

Here’s to the graduates of all ages! Live life by your design!

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4 thoughts on “The Graduate

  1. Pam Milam

    Great post and could not agree more! The mind is a continuous sponge and you are never too old to soak up a little more!!!

  2. Debi

    Hmmmmmmm. . . . . What do I want to be when I grow-up? It feels so good to know that you can graduate and redirect to a new! 🙂 Love this thought Tony!

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