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Every other month or so, I’ll share some visions or feelings that I’m picking up that would be of interest to mass audiences. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I receive messages not only for myself and my individual clients, but for the general population as well. Here are a few:

Change of Habit. Expect the sisterhood to become more vocal (I’m sensing anger here!) against the male-dominated leadership of the Catholic church. The protests could lead to an exodus of nuns.

Ink Stains. I’ve received multiple visions regarding a cluster of people with tattoos – vibrant colors (florals) and extensive designs (entire arms, backs). The body art is being inked within the group…like a way of “branding” those who participate. It doesn’t feel gang or cult related, but I’m hearing the word, “ownership.”

Stardust. This portion isn’t meant to be an offshoot of Perez Hilton’s turf; just visions about celebrities. A popular male TV and movie actor will continue to face more allegations and distress. His mental and physical health will suffer extremely unless he finds inner peace and strength. I’ve also received visions of the upcoming life transition of one of the most celebrated TV actresses of all time, as her physical being weakens due to a life-long disease. And, a legendary sex symbol (and underrated actress) will soon make headlines with her daughter.

Artistic License. While awakened in bed just before midnight on May 3rd, I mentally saw images of the creative talents of the late Keith Haring. While appreciative of his vivid and motion-like visuals that provoked commentary, I hadn’t followed his career that closely. The next morning, I crawled out of bed, flipped on my computer and discovered that Google’s home page featured Haring’s artwork. You see, May 4th was the deceased artist’s birthday!

I have a feeling that I’ll be hearing from Haring!

Love and light,




8 thoughts on “More Predictions

  1. Mike

    A certain celebrated TV actress popped into my consciousness, too, in the past couple of weeks. I wonder if it’s the same one (initials=AF)? Interesting predictions.

  2. Chris McCourry

    Well CNN reports on JUNE 5th…….(CNN) – The Vatican denies there’s a connection, but its reprimand of an influential American nun, at a moment when the Holy See is already engaged in an intense fight with most American nuns, sends a clear message: The Catholic Church’s leaders think America’s nuns have gone rogue and must be reined in.

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