Writer’s Block

What am I gonna blog about today? is a thought that occasionally confronts me in the form of writer’s block. Granted, I have a scope of topics that captures my (and hopefully yours too!) interest. But, that’s just a start – a good one – but, alas, only a beginning. I have to take the next step and develop conversations about those subjects on a regular basis. Like a former boss emphasized regarding the company’s TV news show that my department produced: “You have to feed the beast.”

This type of situation isn’t strictly prone to communicators. Idle mode can strike anyone at anytime, impacting business and personal affairs. Have you ever said, “I’ve got this great idea, but I’m just not sure how to move forward?” Or, maybe you’re at the venture’s midway point and are unsure about upcoming choices? While your own version of writer’s block may be unavoidable, here are a few suggestions to clear the way so you can advance your mission.

  • Stand back and give yourself time off. Take a hike (literally), go to a movie or knit a scarf. Ironically, a person can get over-consumed and become a hindrance to their own project. Know this: You don’t have to solve everything all at once. And, don’t be disappointed if your first attempt doesn’t hit the mark. You refine and make it better. And, yes, a little time away can refresh your creative juices.
  • Do a data dump. Collect and review all thoughts. This approach worked for me while writing my future-published book. Not only was it cathartic to release all thoughts and information, the drill was invaluable when I filtered the essentials for my memoir. A bit messy at first, but the cleansing process made the book’s content more pure.
  • Seek help. Bounce your thoughts off of friends, colleagues and other trusted resources. And, one opportunity would be to schedule an intuitive consultation. Through spiritual and psychic insights, an intuitive can help address barriers and uncover solutions which have the potential (as long as clients participate in the process) to lead to successful results.
  • And, finally, never lose sight of your passion, even when the doldrums raise their nasty heads. Timing plays a role and alignment in the Universe often requires patience. But, it should never diminish the value of you or your dream.

Write on! Make that: Right On!

Love and light,





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