High Five

This week, I moderated a workshop where part of the discussion centered around attracting and manifesting our life’s desires. Whereas, my psychic insights identify strong future possibilities, my clients are the ones who’ll need to put forth the effort and select choices to make those possibilities a reality. The work I do enhances and guides the journey.

Here are five simple hints I use to complement any psychic intuitions I receive for myself (and I encourage my clients to adapt them as well).

1) It’s not just what you ask for from the Universe, it’s also how you ask! Avoid requesting to win the lottery; instead, ask for financial abundance. Or, to marry Brad Pitt, when stating, “I am open to marrying the man who will enrich my life” (or something like that) is stronger. Also, use words of empowerment when asking. There is nothing selfish about saying, “I want” versus “I hope.”

2) Surround yourself with positive energy and convert negative vibes into positive ones. This applies not only to people in your life, but your environment as well. If you’re unhappy with how your home or office is decorated or organized, spend time to make adjustments to improve those conditions. This is a favorite example of perceived bad energy revisited: My dishwashing machine is so loud that it sounds like a Delta jet taking off. Yet, boy, I’m grateful I can hear it! From that perspective, the noise isn’t an issue for me.

3) Don’t get hung up on the timing. For whatever reasons, we tend to want everything all at once. But, think about it: If everything we ever wanted came right away, we probably wouldn’t know how to handle it. The Universe would rather we be ready, willing and able to enjoy our bounty when it arrives.

4) Don’t be a control freak. It’s a waste of your valuable energy to try to control other people. Or, the weather. Know this: You do have control over your own thoughts and actions. And, that should keep you busy!

5) Enjoy the process. If you constantly worry about “what’s gonna happen next?” then you’re bound to miss out on something special or fun while manifesting your dreams and aspirations.

There they are! Give ’em a try as you attract the good in your life. Virtual high-fives to all!

Love and light,





16 thoughts on “High Five

  1. Mike

    Fabulous workshop, Tony! Thanks for the invitation–so glad I went. You are very engaging, Sir, and I hope to make some good decisions in the coming year. Or however long it takes. (See Hint #3!)

  2. Karen Smith

    So grateful to see what you are doing with your life. You know that I believe in the power of our words and thoughts!!! I am convinced that we can create such power and beauty that way. I have been sick lately so my quest is to speak health and manifest a new well tuned body that is as vibrant as it is meant to be. I kind of got work and life out of balance and so now I am paying the price but not for long as I claim a new and renewed and robust healthy life.

    1. Tony Post author

      Karen – thanks so much for reading and those kind words. Means so much to me. And, you and I are on the same page with positive thoughts and actions – which of course, can take many communication forms. And, sending much healing energy your way. Make that beautiful healing energy your way 🙂

  3. Beth

    Thanks so much Tony—I really needed this. I’ve prayed to win the Powerball and Mega Millions a thousand times! I’ll change that right now. And, I have a lot of joint pain; feet, shoulders, hands, back, etc. I’m going to think about that differently now. Thank God I can feel all that pain. I have an uncle who is paralyzed from the neck down and can’t feel anything—-Do you remember Ronnie who lived with us in Enterprise? I am very blessed. Love you, V V

  4. John Henry Martin


    I love your blog posts. You have a very clear and conversational style that is a joy to read. Your advice is simple, rational and genuinely good natured. I love it.

    I recently realized palpably that what I said and thought directly influenced what went on around me. I started a meditation and exercise practice on my birthday, last January 12. Since then, every day I do a walking meditation for 2 hours that combines a little bit of running, lots of walking, some yoga poses and it affords me the opportunity to experience and cultivate my (to gag myself with a cliche) true nature.

    Your blog posts reinforce what has become apparent to me in my meditation practice and I love reading what you write. Keep it up! There is magic in your words!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey ! Man, your comments made my day! Thanks for reading and your supportive words! And , good for you for launching your meditation and exercise program! Take care!

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