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“I want to go to on a skiing vacation, but I can’t. I have too much work to do around the house,” a friend recently shared with me over dinner. While he wasn’t one of my intuitive consultation clients, I thought about his remark: He wanted something, yet had an excuse as to why he couldn’t have it. Strange thing, however, he wasn’t finished with his comment. He continued to heap on more reasons as to why he couldn’t go skiing…”too expensive,” “my friends have already gone skiing this year” and “the snow’s probably going to be crappy anyway.”

We’ve all probably been in similar situations…maybe not about skiing, but we’ve found reasons not to pursue something that’s desired. There are two reasons why we elect to go down that road of putting off what we want. First, sometimes we think it’s easier to place that idea or experience on hold, that we shouldn’t offset the steady flow of our lives. The other reason, and it’s a biggie, is fear. Fear of guilt. Fear of disappointment. Fear of failure. You name it, we can stamp FEAR on it! (I’m currently developing a workshop, aptly titled, “Fear Sucks!”).

If my friend were a client, I’d ask him to conduct a simple exercise. Since he finds it easy to come up with a roster of negative reasons, I’d ask him to give his scorecard some balance. For each reason why he can’t go skiiing, he has to match it with a reason why he can go skiing. For example, he could go skiing because he has the time off from work, he’s in great health and ski resorts can be a perfect place to meet new friends. Despite what outcome he chooses, he owes it to himself (we all do), to at least do a balance sheet, especially when it’s related to what we want. When I get visions or messages about something to which clients aspire and they start cranking out negativity, this approach is beneficial. By the end of their sessions, clients have a clearer look at their situations.

The bottom line is a balance sheet will help manifest what it is you want! Sound fair?

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16 thoughts on “Balance Sheet

  1. Travis

    Thanks Tony. I need to take a more “balanced” approach in going after what I want, and I need to do it earlier. In doing so, I’m usually left with one question: “What am I waiting for?”

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Jay – thanks for your comment. When I discovered my gift, I made it clear to the Universe that I would use it to help others and the planet…so, if folks get some good take-aways from my blog, then I’m thrilled. And, thanks for subscribing too!

  2. Laura

    I taught a class called “Burning the Candle at Both Ends” that is about this very subject. We all need to have balance in our life. Great advice, my friend!

  3. Toni T

    Oh my goodness…I needed this reminder….fear plays such a big role in even our simple day to day decision making even though we block it out with “other” excuses. I was finally able to realize that fear of actually succeeding at one of my goals is one of the things that has been holding me back…MAJOR a-ha moment (thanks to Tony!)…. and please sign me up for the Fear Sucks workshop!! I know I need more work in this area!

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