Milestones Matter!

A close friend completed her sixth and final session of chemotherapy yesterday as part of her cancer healing. To mark the occasion, she sent an email blast to her support group heralding the news with great enthusiasm. This wasn’t the first time she had signaled a milestone during her health experience, as she trumpeted her successful surgery just days after the cancer was discovered last summer. Years from now, perhaps she’ll toast another milestone of being cancer-free, just like a childhood friend of mine announced (12 years cancer-free) in his 2011 Christmas card to me. The lesson: Never miss an opportunity to celebrate a milestone because life is a journey, even when it throws a disease in our path.

Milestones, of course, aren’t restricted to health and healing. When I get visions and messages for clients that are linked to their aspirations (sometimes ones that they’ve never voiced aloud – including to spouses!), I make it clear that manifesting the goal will come in phases. For example, I told a client that there was a farm in his future. Acreage, livestock, barn…the works! “Wow! That’s always been a dream of mine,” he responded over the phone. During our session, I proceeded to share with him steps with which he would come in contact that would help create this reality. The steps, which would be his choice to engage or not, would also give him pause to celebrate milestones in his process – whether it be securing a real estate agent who specializes in sprawling land or buying his first horse.

Personally, I like a good celebration! In my career as an intuitive counselor, I consider launching my new blog a milestone. And, while I eagerly anticipate the day when I’ll have 50,000 subscribers, I was thrilled when more than 100 people had clicked the “Subscribe” tab on the home page after only a month of blogging! Thank you to my readers and contributors for being such a huge part of that milestone! And, there will be more along the way.

If you’re currently involved in a project about which you are passionate, check to see if you’ve applauded any milestones. If you haven’t, then do so! And, while you’re at it, share the joy. Good news is always welcomed!

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