Next Stop, Easter Island

In a previous life, I lived on Easter Island. This weekend, I begin two-days of flying (it’s not easy to get to) for my return. Talk about a homecoming!

Located in the middle of the South Pacific, Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it’s formally known, has fascinated me since I was a young boy. And, it started before I ever knew the name of the place. Growing up, a summer trip to nearby Panama City Beach, FL, wasn’t complete without a round of Goofy Golf, a whimsical putt-putt with all sorts of colorful settings at each hole. Towering above the miniature course was a replica of a mo’ai, one of the famous stone statues for which Easter Island is famous. Every visit before even playing the game, I’d dash over to the statue, like I was being drawn to it. The big bonus was that you could actually ascend stairs inside the 20-foot or so icon and reach the top for panoramic views. In a few days, I’ll be able to see the real deal!

And, it was during my fifth or sixth grade that the documentary Chariots of the Gods came out in theaters, which raised questions about extraterrestrial connections with our planet. Like most kids in my class at Holly Hill Elementary, I went to see the movie, which spotlighted Easter Island’s mysterious history and those multi-ton stone statues (Just how did natives with minimal tools carve and then relocate them miles across the island? Did they have “help?”).

Ove the years, the isle came into my path through articles, TV specials and even a Kris Kristofferson song! But, it wasn’t until after I discovered my psychic-medium gift five years ago on Easter (no less!!), that I decided to do a past-life regression consultation to explore possible bonds. While there’s not enough time or space (saving it for my book) to go into great detail in a blog, my session was amazing. Thanks to a certified transpersonal clinical hypnotherapist with decades of experience in this realm, I was able to revisit that previous life and discover lessons learned from my time spent there.

Knowing of my upcoming travel plans, my mother recently surprised me with a book on the history of Easter Island. Chock full of factoids, the page-turner covers the 65-square-mile location’s turbulent past.

A past that is connected to my present.

Love and light,


20 thoughts on “Next Stop, Easter Island

  1. Beth

    Wow! I know you must be sooooo excited!! Have a safe and wonderful trip! Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back! Love you, V V

  2. Rick

    Looking forward to feeling and being a part of your energy after your travels! Enjoy, learn, play, heal, thrive, live, laugh, feel…..

  3. Vicki

    Tony, I so enjoy reading about all your adventures and somedays I wonder why I’m so connected to the same like minds. What forces draw me to this thinking? I don’t know any different and can never go back ( thanks to my mother)! I’m glad we connected way back when and look forward to seeing pictures from the magical place you are headed to. Soak it all up and bring some magic back to share with all of us. Love you dearly from miles away!
    Lil’ Vic

  4. Charles H Rodney

    I also loved that statue at Goofy Golf at “old” Panama City Beach. My folks even have old-old home movies from that great treasure from our pasts. Enjoy these blessings in life. Live every minute. You certainly are doing it here and now. Have a safe trip.

  5. Debi

    I am so excited and happy for you Tony! So much that I feel as though I am going too! I wanted to phone you this morning but its early, heck your probably already at the airport or in the air. If you can send photos as you move through this fabulous experience of a lifetime! Love you! Debi

    1. Tony Post author

      Hi! I will be doing lots of exploring and hiking, so dress my best will consist of hiking shoes and comfortable clothes. But, come evening, I will definitely want my martini : )

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