Shift Happens

After arriving last night in Santiago, Chile from nearly a week on Easter Island (that’s next week’s blog post!), I experienced first-hand how negative energy can beautifully shift to positive.

Also yesterday, from another point in the world, a husband, wife and daughter were flying to Chile as well. Their flight was more than 12 hours late arriving in Santiago, thus missing their final destination’s connection. To compensate, the airline offered them one complimentary hotel room. The husband was furious! Angrily, he balked and said he’d bought three first-class tickets and demanded more than one room.

Now, I enter the picture. I, too, had missed my connecting flight to the U.S., due to my late arrival from Easter Island. And, American Airlines had no more flights out last night, which meant I’d be rebooked for tonight. Despite the inconvenience, I stayed focused on the good (safe arrival, etc.) and dismissed what I couldn’t control (airplanes, flight schedules). Realizing that I’d require lodging last evening, I caught a ride over to a nearby airport hotel, one in which I’d stayed earlier last week on the front end of my journey (see last week’s blog post).

Nearly 10 p.m., I plodded up to the Hilton’s reception desk and asked for a room. Then came the response, “I’m sorry, sir, but we are sold out!” Surprised, as my intuition felt that I should and would stay there. I asked again if he was sure there wasn’t anything available. And, again, nada. The employee offered the hotel’s shuttle driver to drive me to another place to possibly find a bed for the night.

As I followed the driver outside to the van, a woman standing at the hotel exit with her husband and daughter asked, “Do you need a room tonight?”

I responded, “Yes, but this place has no vacancy.”

The tall, bearded husband chimed in, “Hey, listen, we have an extra room here at this hotel. We really don’t need it. Would you like to have it? No charge.” The man then proceeded to tell me of their airline ordeal and how he’d demanded an extra room! Needless to say, I accepted the gracious offer and fell asleep knowing that his earlier negative energy had morphed into something very positive and kind.

Call it karma. Call it mana (what the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island refer to as positive spiritual energy and guidance). Call it divine intervention. Or maybe, holy shift.

Love and light,


13 thoughts on “Shift Happens

  1. Jeff Clarkson

    Glad to hear you got a room, but glad I wasn’t the poor airline employee who had to put up with this man’s “negative energy.” That’s bouncing around somewhere out in the world, too. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip when you get back to Palm Springs.

  2. Chris

    Great post….I am a firm believer in Karma…as I’ve been bitten once or twice. Your ability to capture and hold the positive energy is amazing. What a great post..! Can’t wait to hear more about your visit.

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey! No one really LOVES delayed or missed flights, but they (or things like that occur), I try to be open to what discoveries or new people I might meet along the way. Just know that the entire trip was amazing.

  3. Deborah Magnes

    Oh Tony, what a beautiful story! Another confirmation that if trust the “knowing” that the Universe will take care of you, they will alwasy come through beautifully. Not only did you get a safe place to sleep, the man who gave you a room felt good for giving to another in need!

    I miss you and our many telephone conversations!

    Make it a terrific day!

    Love and JOY,

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