Way Down South…America

It was chilly in Chile (36 degrees!) when the plane landed this morning, but I soon began experiencing a warm spiritual reception! Santiago, the largest city of this South American country, is a one-night stop-over while en-route to Easter Island, a Chilean governed isle, which I hope promises even more enlightened connections.

But, first things first. While meditating in my airport hotel bed this afternoon, visions in my “mind’s eye” began to surface, as they often do. This time, they were accompanied by voices in my head. Voices rich with hispanic accents. Spiritual sources, it appear, have no language barriers. Glad I made efforts recently to reignite my two years of high school taught Spanish!

Obviously, when I do psychic-medium intuitive consultations for a client, if a distinct accent comes into play, usually it belongs to his or hers transitioned loved one, etc. But, this afternoon, it was only yours truly in the room, with the only distraction being the faint sound of a housekeeper’s vacuum operating down the hall. So, I’m taking those beautiful accent-filled phrases, one of which was, “We talk?”, as my welcome wagon to what I’ll embrace over the next week.

Like love, spirituality is universal.

Love and light,





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