Easter And The Elmore 5 & 10

A tradition of my childhood Easters was visiting Elmore’s 5 & 10, as it stocked the most colorful array of egg baskets in my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama. As a young boy, it was pure magic to select my annual purchase in a store that was also sprinkled with the aroma and sounds of popcorn fresh from the kettle.

Weathered hardwood floors served as the foundation for a once thriving business that sold everything from sewing kits to car wax. Although it’s long since been the end of an era, the emporium still manages to delight me in thought.

While visits to a treasured 5 &10 bring back youthful memories, it’s my Easter vacation to Palm Springs eight years ago that registers the strongest with me now. It’s when my world changed forever; I had a spiritual awakening that was almost beyond belief (at the time, it probably was!). Most significantly, it was when I discovered my special intuitive gifts.

I’ve mentioned my account of that fateful trip to many of my psychic consultation clients (and, it’s covered in great detail in the book I plan to publish). By being open and honest about my own spiritual encounters, it’s helped me to better assist others with their own, unique life journeys.

Now, when Easter rolls around, I give thanks to God and for what transpired in my life eight years ago. After that experience, I felt reconnected with the part of me who believed in all things possible.

Just like the little boy once did roaming the aisles of the Elmore 5 & 10.

Love and light,


The V.J. Elmore 5 & 10 was always a part of my childhood Easter.

The V.J. Elmore 5 & 10 was always a part of my childhood Easter.

20 thoughts on “Easter And The Elmore 5 & 10

  1. Robert McCormack

    I’m so glad you discovered your gift, Tony. You are helping so many of us to discover who we are and what we are all about.

  2. Angie Thompson

    Love this story Tony! I remember Elmore’s too. But I’m especially glad that you believe (back then and now) that all things are possible. That’s one of the things I appreciate most about you. You truly believe I can do things that I may not have ever thought about before.

  3. Kaye Prejean

    WOW! I love this and I love the memories also. Like all of your other ‘fans’, (and particularly since I’m one of your most long-term ones) I am equally glad that you found your amazing gift, and that you share it!! 🙂

  4. your uncle

    I miss old Enterprise. Martins “Bug Store” pharmacy, Moose Hope Sporting Goods, Levi and Ritz Theatre, Sweet Shoppe, Salooms, Butners 5 + 10, Howards Men Shop, Donaldsons Hotel Barber Shop, Ralphs Snooker and Eat, Reeses Diner which made my father famous and especially my favorite……Glenna’s Beauty Shop!!!

  5. Shirley Helms

    Your Easter memories have touched many friends and family members bringing smiles of happiness…and that’s what life is all about!!! Proud of you…

  6. Karla H Justice

    I chedish those sweet memories also about our little town. Another precious memory , and yet so simple , was that as a child , we as neighborhood kids could walk into your lovely grandma’s beauty shop to get a cold soda out of the machine . What a treat that was on those hot summer days 🙂 #funtimesonscottdrive

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing your memories of Scott Drive and my grandmother’s shop. I enjoyed many a Coke or Mt. Dew out of that soda machine too!

  7. Chris

    Great post Tony. Holidays bring back emotions and great memories. You have an Amazing gift and you are generous enough to share it with the world.

  8. Laura Bryars Harris

    Thanks for sharing your special childhood memories of our hometown. I visited Elmore’s many times as a child and have gone back there many times since in my dreams. You have always been a gift to me! Love you Tony!

  9. Crystal McCall-Pope

    Thank you so much for sharing this post and the memories. You are and have always been a very special person and thanks for making childhood very memorable! Love and light to you my friend!

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