Alphabet Soup

Sometimes we put life on the back burner, holding off living it to the fullest. A simple exercise – what I call Alphabet Soup – involves listing 26 positive words to help get one’s world cooking again! Check out my bowlful!

A – achieve

B – believe

C – champion

D – design

E – education

F – free

G – grateful

H – hero

I – intuitive

J – journal

K – kaleidoscope

L – love

M – music

N – nature

O – ocean

P – peace

Q – quilt

R – readings

S – Streisand (just had to!)

T – teachers

U – united

V – variety

W – work

X – Xanadu

Y – y’all

Z – zen

When life becomes a stew, start placing words in a new soup!

Love and light,


A positive mindset can start with ABC.

A positive mindset can start with ABC.


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