Splish Splash

I continue to be proud of and inspired by the accomplishments of former employees from my corporate years. Not only have these men and women grown professionally, they also contribute to the good of the world.

Now, even their children seem to be following in their footsteps. Yesterday, Brian Roglis, a stellar college intern at my last Fortune 500 job eight years ago, posted a video (watch it below!) of his son and it resonated with me!

In the brief clip, a spirited boy, dressed in superhero attire, eyes a rain puddle and proceeds to jump in with all his might! Obviously, the curbside pool is a metaphor for life and its opportunities. Perhaps, adults can learn from children who share their sense of joy and adventure.

As we get older with responsibilities and commitments, the puddle representing life becomes much larger. However, we shouldn’t be intimidated by its size.

It’s an opportunity to make a bigger splash!

Love and light,


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