A Bridge Too Far

“We have to see the Golden Gate Bridge,” I told relatives, who were vacationing with me in San Francisco back in the 90s.

My great aunt Jewel piped up with an unexpected bulletin: “Okay, but my in-laws said it was just another bridge.” Of course, she was blown away by the industrial marvel as we crossed over to Marin County. “Those in-laws of mine sure were wrong,” she kept repeating!

I’ve always loved bridges, as they metaphorically represent an ability to join two distant objects – or people – together. During my private psychic medium consultations, there are often discussions involving relationships or personal growth journeys. Typically, I receive spiritual insights which reveal “bridges,” to be crossed to get clients closer to their desired outcomes. And, in some cases, the “bridges” have been washed away and need to be rebuilt. Instead of seeing those situations as insurmountable feats, treat them as opportunities to construct even stronger connections!

During a visit to my Alabama hometown last Thanksgiving, my immediate family and I enjoyed an afternoon drive on country roads, dotted with windmills, farms and hay bales. Eventually, we came to a modern concrete bridge, which hovered over the river below. An older, historic bridge, complete with metal framing, proudly stood about 30 yards away. Although now inoperable, the seasoned structure served as a link to the past. On the river banks, my family and I studied the unique scenery, grateful for our own family bonds.

“Wow! That was some bridge,” my sister shared as we drove away in search of a boiled peanuts stand.

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My sister, Tracy, and I along the river banks in Alabama

My sister, Tracy, and I along the river banks in Alabama


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