A Tale Of Two Wallets

If you’ve ever lost your wallet, then you’ve possibly experienced that sickening feeling of panic. Unpleasant emotions often surface when we allow our fears and anguish to consume us in such a situation. That’s why I like these true stories; they offer a brighter outlook.

Two weeks ago in Asheville, NC, my sister, while searching for bargains at a church rummage sale, stumbled upon an abandoned wallet on the grass. She discovered not only was there a woman’s ID inside, but the billfold was chock-full of money, as if someone had just cashed a hard-earned paycheck. She took it to an assistant minister, who quickly phoned the wallet’s owner.

Within 15 minutes, a single mother and her two young children arrived to claim the possession. Crying, the grateful lady thanked my sister for finding and returning it safely to her. My sister responded, “Well, it could easily had been me who’d lost mine. And, I’d hope that someone else would want to help me as well.”

Meanwhile, also two weeks ago, in Japan, a close friend and three others were traveling by rail on vacation. After getting off at a stop, he realized that he’d left his wallet onboard. Initially, he was troubled, as cash, IDs, credit cards and a few treasured photos were all tucked inside the wallet. Checking with a station attendant, he found out that the train’s final destination for the evening was the next city down the tracks, which was where he was already planning to be the next day. When he arrived the following afternoon at the next location’s train station, he asked an official if a wallet had been turned in. And, it had: A woman who was part of the locomotive’s nighttime cleaning crew found the wallet with all of its contents and gave it to authorities.

Needless to say, the rest of my friend’s vacation in the Far East was one of relaxation and gratitude. The Land of the Rising Sun had shined on his misfortune.

We hear countless stories where these type of scenarios end up differently. But, when people place value on honesty and a belief in mankind, like in the cases of these returned wallets, it should make us all pay attention.

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8 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Wallets

  1. Pamela Chavez

    Gives us faith in humanity. Working a pediatric shift at hospital in Germany someone stole my purse. I was pregnant and locked out of a German apartment with a landlord that had no key. Not speaking German well enough to get a locksmith I went back to the hospital decided to sit in waiting room till morning. Then my angel came, a nurse who ask me what was I doing still at the hospital…She said wait to my shift ends your going home with me. Thank goodness! I slept well that night. My purse was found in the hospital dumpster the next day empty of course. However I have found two wallets just like Tracy did and I returned them to the owners as they were. It’s so much easier to do the right thing! Hugs!

  2. Jack Clark

    It really doesn’t take much effort to benefit others in everyday life. Letting a car in ahead of you so everybody in traffic keeps moving, or holding the door for someone. I saw this exchange one day on the way to work: A typical summer time thunderstorm had started in Birmingham, Alabama where I live, and up ahead of me, I noticed a car had stopped in the middle of the road. Next I noticed a dude in the median just getting drenched to the bone, then the car’s window came down and the drivers arm reached out and gave the man an umbrella. I thought, that’s amazing that someone would first notice the situation, see it for what it was, and decide to act, all in a matter of seconds!
    The few times I have witnessed such acts of brotherly love, have revealed to me a way for mankind, by shifting our focus from one’s self, we can escape anxiety and stress through the act of focusing on ways to help others. It’s an exchange of the ingredient that is present in all true forms personal happiness, and that is Love.

  3. kenn cross

    The rewards your sister and the cleaning lady will receive in life far outweigh the money found in the wallet – had it been kept.

  4. Tracy Morris

    Acts of kindness and gestures are right in front of us daily … One of favorites is a simple Smile . Playing it forward. My Mother taught me to do the right thing and so far in life.. I have no trouble sleeping!

    1. Tony Post author

      So true Tracy! And, giving someone a smile is one of the easiest – and most rewarding – acts of kindness there is! And, we have the best mother, don’t we? 🙂 Love you!

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