Stair Wars

“How am I ever going to get the sofa up there?” I asked myself, looking at the narrow, white, metal spiral staircase, which led to the carriage house’s loft-like den. A man on a mission, I was checking out the quaint abode as a possible place to live, once I move from Palm Springs to Santa Barbara. The rest of the home was fine, but the twisted set of ascending steps was a deal breaker.

Often, it’s not a physical challenge that can deem a property an ill fit; it’s the vibe. I’ve walked into buildings or rooms before and sensed an imbalanced wave of energy. When that’s happened, I focus on my more positive intentions and avoid whatever drama exists.

A place can certainly renew its energy. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint, cheerful flowers or inspiring art can do for a living or business quarters. However, as humans, it’s essential that we complement tangible surroundings with like-minded good. Otherwise, those cans of Sherwin-Williams are wasted.

In my quest to find the ideal place to relocate, I instill that mindset before I even think of unpacking boxes. It helps me enjoy the process instead of stressing out over it. Perhaps, I even find a little humor in the situation.

Walking out of the carriage house after the tour, I laughed, “Well, it’s a good thing I don’t have a grand piano!”

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