Alone Again, Naturally

Famous folk have spewed hundreds of quotes, but I really connected with this one by Albert Einstein: “The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.”

Not that I’m a loner, but I’ve spent considerable time throughout my life talking and listening to my inner self. The statement registers the strongest with me in regards to the last 12 or so years, as that was when I was searching for “What am I supposed to do next with my life?” A series of events, a brewing catalyst, ultimately led to my spiritual awakening, which was when I discovered my intuitive gifts.

Being alone during that period gave me the opportunity to deeply pursue my soul’s journey. I’ve often thought that if I’d been with a significant other, there could’ve been distractions: What would they think? Would they be supportive? What they insist that I stick to my successful corporate career?

I should clarify that I wasn’t completely operating solo, I had my spiritual guide, Andrew, standing by and I definitely aligned myself with the Universe. The divine guidance gave me willpower and courage to continue my path.

Some of my psychic consultation clients face “alone” issues. There are no duplicate stories, as they cover everything from sadness to co-dependency to boredom! My job is to tap into spiritual source and provide insights so people can embrace their own soulful bonds and advance their lives.

Once we truly build upon our strengths and abilities, we’re better positioned to engage in other relationships, and, yes, even help others. And, you can quote ME on that!

Love and light,


This quote by Einstein speaks volumes in our individual journeys.

This quote by Einstein relates to our individual journeys.

10 thoughts on “Alone Again, Naturally

  1. John

    Thanks Tony, being a pioneer at heart, this one really hits home. The joy of venturing alone is finding new places for others to land and enjoy the space as well!

  2. Jade

    Love these observations, Tony. I, too, Identify with being alone, having been an only child with a single parent most of my childhood. Some of my deepest introspection came during periods of ‘aloneliness’ such as leaving home, going thru a break-up, losing a grandparent, moving to a new city and even during the weekdays when my partner and I are apart (by choice and necessity). We all need solo time to focus on self and rejuvenate.
    The quote you chose is so true. I’ve always enjoyed and identified with the poets Frost and Poe both of whom had solitude and ‘aloneliness’ as a major theme in both their lives and work. Those traits serve to foster growth and greater understanding of the world in my humbly opinion and as you so aptly put it in this blog post. Thanks for the fun read and discourse to start this beautiful autumn day. 🙂

  3. Travis

    Tony – Thanks so much for sharing this and this quote really resonates with me. I’ve found myself walking alone sometimes, as I do now since circumstances in my life have led me that way. So I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to get back with the crowd because it seems like “the right thing to do.” Or maybe I’m just still uncomfortable being alone and in my own company. Good reminder that that doesn’t have to be a bad thing and I need to continue to work on that.

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey! I can remember feeling weird and uncomfortable eating alone in a restaurant while on business trips. Since then, I’ve taken vacations by myself and have learned more about me in the process (plus, I’ve met some interesting and lovely new friends in the process). I learned to accept some positives of being alone in my own company. Take care!

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