Turning Battered to Better

An image of a badly bruised woman’s face, from the hand of an abuser, isn’t one that can easily be erased. For the last two weeks, I’ve seen visions of what appears to be a cordial couple, only to discover that the woman will be victimized. Unfortunately, I predict in the coming months we can expect another high-profile domestic violence case that will raise more awareness on this horror. I feel that it will involve an African-American female performer and her husband or partner. This will be a repeat offense, meaning the woman has been attacked before, but this episode will be worse.

While the media often focuses on celebrity or unusual abusive cases, the fact is that every nine seconds in the U.S. a woman is assaulted or beaten. And, most are never reported to the police. The biggest reason for being silent: fear. In addition to the physical and mental attacks, victims are also threatened, often times with their lives, if they call the cops. So, they remain trapped and helpless.

Society can help turn battered to better. If you’ve witnessed or strongly sense this type of activity, notify the authorities. Friends and family members can’t be clueless when signs arise (avoidance, sudden injuries) that there’s trouble brewing. Do what you can: Offer support and resources, such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233).

Sadly, the issue has been around too long. The classic TV show, Designing Women, bravely dealt with the topic in one of it’s finest episodes called “The Rowdy Girls.” Despite being a comedy, the program put a face on domestic violence and showed how a support system can manifest the courage for someone to get help and heal.

Personally, a past-life of mine is one reason why violence against women disturbs me in my current physical existence. During a past-life regression experience, I was shown a prior environment where I was a warrior and participated in rituals that involved human female sacrifices. The vision haunted me and it’s certainly connected to my present-day advocacy against any type of pain, hurt and mutilation.

I had a choice today: blog about this (and my prediction) or not. I chose to speak up. The more voices and healing thoughts the better.

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8 thoughts on “Turning Battered to Better

  1. Shirley Helms

    I applaud you for choosing to write your blog on this subject…domestic violence is everywhere and yet it continues to be “sweep under the rug”! I agree with you, the more voices and healing thoughts the better!

  2. Liz Gregg

    Very good blog- Any type of abuse is horrific and please do not forget the children in the world that have endured this same thing. As bad as physical abuse is the mental abuse that people endure can be just as devastating.

    1. Tony Post author

      I agree with you 100 percent…abuse at any level is bad. Hope you had a chance to read my blog entry titled “Why I Decided To Blog”…it’s connected to sexual child abuse and visions I had received. When those visions came to life, I knew it was my time to speak up and share. Thanks for commenting and sharing.

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