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In school, grades are based on how well students perform in the areas of math, science, history, grammar and other subjects. From kindergarten’s first day through high school graduation, I realized that it wasn’t just what I learned that mattered; it was also from whom I learned. My teachers (some of whom have subscribed to this blog) were reservoirs of knowledge and inspiration. Even though I haven’t had a report card in ages, I consider myself a life-long student. Today, my teachers co-exist from noted experts to my spiritual guide.

Nearly four years ago, I had an amazing spiritual awakening, one that was nerve-racking (“What the hell is going on?”) and eye-opening (“Why am I seeing these visions?”). It was a chain of intense events and experiences that lasted for three weeks and which led me to major crossroads: Do I take the established highway that’s always been solid (corporate career) or do I select an untraveled route? I opted for the frontier because I knew I was meant to share my discovered intuitive ability.

So, off I went charting a new path using a foreign map and compass. But, fortunately, I had mentors: Debi Magnes, a certified life coach and longtime psychic, and my spiritual guide, Andrew (yep, he’s got a name), who both provided guidance and insight. Their teachings ultimately directed me to uncover truckloads of answers and solutions. While Debi was (and still is) a phone call away, Andrew, well let’s just say, stayed connected in a different sense. During mediation, I still receive his input as I continue this journey today. And, yes, I saw his apparition (long white beard) once during my spiritual awakening, which was also when he revealed his name.

Some of my intuitive consultation clients also come to their own crossroads. As we talk, it’s not unusual for me to relay messages of encouragement and directives (I’ve heard “Make sure you tell him that!” in my head on occasion when in a session) coming from higher sources, spiritual mentors who want to assist them in their self-growth and current life experiences. By using this insight, along with learnings they absorb in the physical world, clients are better prepared to charge ahead with confidence.

When we take advantage of the wealth of wisdom that co-exists in both the spiritual and physical worlds, we can never receive a failing grade on our report cards.

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  1. Patricia Bryson

    Hi Tony, I just love you news letters. I am a Friend Of your Sister Tracy and Kim I told Tracy I did not know your Brother did these things. I used to work a little with a Healer and I am so interested in this type of thing. I look so forward to read more.


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