Disruption From The Deck

Usually after making the bed (an early childhood habit), I shuffle my Psychic Tarot cards, asking for any specific guidance for the day. Yesterday, out of the 65-member deck, I pulled Disruption. When this particular one pops up for my psychic medium clients, some are rattled. But, I don’t see it as an alarming panic; the message is more about awareness, which is what I discovered minutes after selecting the card.

While nibbling a Pillsbury Southern Style Biscuit (a pretty good substitute for homemade) for breakfast, I felt something unusual dancing around in my mouth. At first, I thought it was a small pebble. No rock; it was a tooth filling that had popped out of a lower back molar. Certainly disruptive, the incident was a sign to make a situation better. The Universe was already on standby: My regular dental checkup is later this week! Talk about perfect timing!

An hour later, I drove over to visit my former 94-year-old neighbor at her assisted living facility. During the short ride, I noticed a dashboard light warning: Replace 3rd Rear Taillight. Again, the Universe was ahead of the game: I’d signed up for an Auto Safety Clinic, which includes a full vehicle inspection, at my dealership that happens tomorrow! Once more, a disruptive event designed to lead to something better or an improvement.

So, realize that as it relates to relationships, jobs or other circumstances, disruption, while uncomfortable at times, can be a positive factor in advancing our lives.

My teeth and taillight would agree!

Love and light,









4 thoughts on “Disruption From The Deck

  1. Beverly Maccabe Peterson

    You must have pulled out a “plan ahead” card, too! Lol! Wow, great story! Hope your tooth n’ tail light (sounds like a dentist hang out!) are fixed and well! So good to finally be receiving your wonderful blogs again!!

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