Blame Game

In the blame game, nobody’s a winner. There will be a victim and villain in a scenario with little chance of positive resolution. Many of us, including some of my psychic medium clients, have engaged in this routine. But, why?

Initially, some believe it’s easier to point fingers at a person or an event than to take ownership of their journeys. Eventually, most realize, easier doesn’t mean progressive. To illustrate, I offer one of my own, “Because of…,” episodes:

In my corporate past, I carried around a Texas-sized grudge for a fellow employee, by whom I’d felt betrayed. I did more than just acknowledge the hurt; I used it as an excuse to blame the individual for my bleak office days. After months of being in a rut, I finally saw the light. Why would I give someone credit for my misery? Essentially, it’s the same as giving them power over my happiness. When I approached the situation from that angle, everything changed for the better. I focused on me and for what I was responsible. And, it didn’t involve the co-worker and his choices. Within days, I replaced a burning hole in my chest with a more glowing outlook on life.

So, if you ever find yourself being a participant in a blame game, skip your turn.

Love and light,

14 thoughts on “Blame Game

  1. Jade

    Been there. Done that. Hated it. Learned from it. 🙂 Some people do it their whole lives…don’t have time for that kind of energy. Thanks for these illuminating insights, Tony!

  2. Wayne

    This is SO right on the money with things I’m working on in my journey right this minute! Taking responsibility for my own actions and for part in any “drama” in my life has been incredibly eye-opening and soul-freeing! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. kim

    I have removed this word, “blame” from my vocabulary, and another-“fault”. I love how you illustrate that our bondage is a choice. The person for whom we have ill will usually has
    \ no idea.

    1. Tony Post author

      So true, the person has no idea or it doesnt matter to him or her, so why spend the time and energy in that situation. And, thanks for the reminder about the word, fault! That’s another one!! Take care!

  4. Beverly Maccabe Peterson

    Amen!! As always, you hit the nail on the head! So many times I’ve seen coworkers caught up in these situations & everyone is miserable. We waste far too much precious time trying to figure out a way to blame others for everything, perceived or real, that slights us or that doesn’t ho our way! I learned, albeit the hard way, that it is waaaay easier to just admit when we make a mistake or use bad judgement. People are actually even more endeared of you & trust you more readily when you show them you are up front and honest about your mistakes. We are all human & all make mistakes so we need to quit wasting so much time & energy on such negativity!

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