By George (And Johnny), He’s Got It!

Imagine if an intuitive counselor, like myself, cornered George Foreman before he entered the ring to claim his Gold Medal at the 1968 Olympics and said, “In the future, you’ll make millions by having your signature scrawled on small kitchen appliances that discard fatty oils.” Oh, and not even mention a peep about forthcoming bouts with fellow boxing legends Ali and Frazier! Cooking’s a far cry from sparring, but that’s how Foreman’s life journey evolved.

Consider a similar scenario for the chameleon of an actor, Johnny Depp. What if an intuitive approached him in his early teens after one of Depp’s garage band gigs and announced, “Expect a robotic likeness of yourself to be featured on a ride at Disneyland.” And, not even mention the scope of TV and film roles he’d tackle in the interim. For the record, Depp’s colorful version of Captain Jack Sparrow is now mechanicalized on the popular “Pirates of the Carribean” attraction at Disney theme parks.

Never underestimate the power of the Universe when it comes to delivering the goods! As long as a person is clear about what he/she wants to attract, stays focused with a positive mind and avoids distractions, then nothing’s impossible! Let’s also add: Be willing to participate in the process. Notice, I said, participate and not control. When you attempt to control other people (bosses, love interests, opponents) and situations (job interviews, traffic, weather) then essentially, you’re trying to mastermind aspects of the Universe too. Understand, the Universe can’t be controlled. But, it is ripe for your genuine engagement.

So, while most of us aren’t aspiring to take on a TKO (Foreman claimed 68 in his career) or vamp as a vampire (Depp’s “Dark Shadows” opens this Friday), we shouldn’t limit our own goals and ambitions, even if it means perhaps a new direction in our lives.

George and Johnny made major shifts which ultimately led to greater personal growth. They could dream it, believe it and be it! In other words, they got it!

Love and light,




6 thoughts on “By George (And Johnny), He’s Got It!

  1. Lil' Vic

    How well put! I know you have been told before how well you write – and you do. When does your book come out and have you reveled the name? A title for another book for you: “Willing to Participate”.
    I so enjoy your messages – thank you for sharing your gift with the universe.
    Keep ’em coming!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey! I love the suggested title “Willing to Participate”…who knows? That may be my next book! For now, I’m focused on getting the first one published. The title is “Little Red Wagon.” Love to you!

    1. Tony Post author

      Hi Dixie – This is one that I’ve been wanting to write for a few weeks. It wasn’t until this weekend, that the George Foreman example kicked in…saw him on one of his commercials! Hope all is great in your world.

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