Dear Evan Hansen & All Teenagers

Teen angst is the subject of Broadway’s latest hit, Dear Evan Hansen, a musical which examines the joy and pain of growing up. I was lucky enough to have seen it last November and I can’t stop thinking about its relevance.

Perhaps, one reason is because in my work as a psychic medium, I’ve had clients (either actual teenagers or parents of kids in that age bracket) who are working through issues, including peer pressure, sexuality, self-esteem, among others.

But, these issues can double as opportunities. As we employ counsel, resources and love to resolve and heal from life’s tough moments, we, in turn, grow and become stronger. And, I would add, some who weather their storms are even being led to inspire and become an advocate for others facing similar situations.

One of the breakout songs in Dear Evan Hansen is “You Will Be Found,” (click to listen!) an anthem that reminds teens that you are not alone. In the darkest of times, there is light: it’s called love.

Bravo to Dear Evan Hansen, Broadway’s open letter to the teenager in all of us.

Love and light,


Broadway’s latest hit, Dear Evan Hansen, is musical about the power of the human spirit.


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