Knock Knock!

When I receive an intuitive vision of someone knocking on a door, usually, it’s a spirit wanting to communicate with me on behalf of a loved one. That’s the Medium part of my work. In that capacity, I focus on who’s coming through and what’s the message!

For example, if I “see” in my mind’s eye an image knocking strongly on a door, I know this spirit is eager to share. Likewise, if the image is lightly knocking, they may be more reserved, perhaps childlike, about coming forward. Once I acknowledge a presence, the communication portal is open.

In most cases, the spirit will reveal gender and relationship. Last week, I had a memorable “knock knock” moment. During a psychic medium consultation, I was “shown” an older woman sitting on a throne high above, as if she was watching over the clan. Describing the image to my client, listening on the phone, I added, that it felt like she’s the matriarch or grandmother.

Not wasting a second, he replied, “Yes, you described my late Granny Nita to a tee; she always thought of herself as the grand dame of our family!”

Mrs. Nita not only proceeded to share messages, but presented them to me in an aristocratic, yet, quite humorous manner. I told my client, “Nita wants me to say something like, ‘Darling, will you play the ponies for me?’ Does that make sense?”

He laughed, “Yes it does; she was, what you might call, a regular, at Saratoga!”

Nita shared a few more wisdoms and witticisms, all with her trademark candor. The session reminded me that spirits do have a sense of humor and even inspired me to craft a joke:

“Knock knock!”

“Who’s There?”


“Nita who?”

“Nita come up with a way to end this post!”

Love and light,


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