The Year Of The Wagon

Radio Flyer, the legendary little red wagon, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The news is extra meaningful to me, as Little Red Wagon is the title of my spiritual memoir that I hope to publish in the near future.

Just as significant, however, the centennial of childhood’s classic vehicle is also a reminder to live our dreams. Or, as the wagon’s creator stated decades ago, to let dreams “take flight.”

The four-wheeled toy and its connection to my spiritual journey are profoundly important, as I had intuitive and physical signs encouraging me along the way to write and share my story. Shortly after I discovered my psychic gift nearly nine years ago, I was awake in bed and saw a vision in my mind’s eye. I asked aloud, “Why am I seeing a little red wagon?”

The next day, my mother presented me with a birthday card, which featured a boy, maybe four or five years old, pulling a little red wagon! It wasn’t until I was halfway through writing the first draft of my memoir when I realized that Little Red Wagon had to be the title. While it’s my journey, a little red wagon is something to which we can all relate.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, my mother did what seemed to be the impossible. She mailed me a card, a heartfelt sentiment with the exact image of a child and his wagon that was on my birthday greeting nine years ago! Yes, another sign, or nudge, to move me along with my book project and spiritual path.

And, yet, another sign showed up today! While researching the 100th anniversary of Radio Flyer, I learned that its creator, Mr. Pasin, was an Italian immigrant who came to America at age 16 with no money, but with a dream. Get this: his first name was Antonio!

I wonder if people called him Tony?!

Love and light,


A Valentine sent by my mother is a reminder: “May the imagination of children forever take flight” – Antonio Pasin 1896-1990


22 thoughts on “The Year Of The Wagon

  1. Angie Thompson

    Tony I admire you immensely for being so open to the signs that are put in front of you. I truly believe those signs are there for us all but some are more receptive to seeing, recognizing and acting on them.

    I love watching your journey unfold!
    More please!

  2. Travis Spalding

    Tony- It can take a lot of courage to follow your dreams, and that’s something I’ve always admired about you. I feel fortunate to know you and call you my friend. I’m looking forward to seeing how your journey continues to unfold!

  3. Joyce

    Tony…your insights and thoughts are always so inspiring. So proud that your gift has been a true help to others. God bless and long live the Little Red Wagon!

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