Thanksgiving’s next week and is an ideal time to revisit what it means to be thankful, even when what’s occurring on the surface might appear catastrophic. In other words, there are ways to find beauty in the good, bad and ugly.

Like most, I’ve had my batch of trying times. And, years ago, I probably let those moments take me to a dark emotional place that wasn’t inspiring or productive. However, after I had my spiritual awakening five and a half years ago, everything changed. Sure, I discovered that I was psychic, but just as important, I realized that positive influences are always around – even during the toughest of circumstances. And, my responsibility is to identify what those are and be thankful.

Here are a couple of personal examples. Prior to Palm Springs, I lived in Louisville. Unlike the desert, the largest city in Kentucky received its share of snow. Four years ago, one of the worst winter storms blew into town, covering neighborhoods with blankets of flakes and sleet. Ice encased the extended limbs of a large oak tree in my backyard. Eventually, it toppled over and crashed onto my roof. Now, my old way of thinking would have been, “Crap! Why me? I hope insurance covers this!” But, instead, I said, “Boy! I am thankful for my roof, otherwise, the tree would’ve slammed down on me!”

When I relocated to California, I continued that way of thinking. While driving down Pacific Coast Highway nearly three years ago, I received a speeding ticket. Not exactly what I’d wanted while coasting along in Ventura. But, I was grateful that I’d received the ticket then instead of just a week earlier. You see, unknowing to me and as a result of my move, I’d been driving around Southern California for seven months without car insurance. I updated my policy only days before getting that traffic violation (which, I might add, slowed my butt down for safety reasons). If I hadn’t reinstated my coverage, I would’ve been hit with an additional charge. I could go on and on with similar stories.

Many of my psychic intuitive consultation clients are often in the midst of their own challenges – ranging from relationships to health issues to career shifts. And, at times, some are so consumed with these matters that they forget that there are still positive aspects around them. During our conversations, I help clients to identify the good (such as having a strong support team of family and friends, or the fact that the car conked out in the garage versus in the middle of a busy interstate).

Furthermore, if a person is willing to do the work, unpleasant experiences can also lead to more fulfilling opportunities and rewards. Embracing and applying one’s physical, mental and spiritual strengths are keys to manifesting such a change. But, it has to start with a belief in one’s self.

As Turkey Day approaches, be thankful for life’s obvious blessings, as well as those that may require a little more effort to acknowledge. Now, pass the gravy, please.

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