Substitute Teacher

I’ve taught myself to replace perceived negative words and phrases with more empowering ones. The substitutions result in my having a more positive mindset. Here are a few examples:

I’m dreading my doctor’s appointment. Change to: I’m grateful for my doctor’s appointment.

I fight for causes that I support. Change to: I champion causes that I support.

I worry for my friend’s job situation. Change to: I want the best for my friend’s job situation.

And, one more.

The dirty house will never get cleaned. Change to: The dirty martini will taste great after my chores!

Olive that lesson, especially!

Love and light,


6 thoughts on “Substitute Teacher

  1. Kim Undrosky

    “Olive” that lesson, too! Tony, thanks for the reminder–and the levity. (Did some one say martini? Extra dirty, please…) Hugs, Kim

  2. Ricky Ray

    I’d like a Manhattan Martini, please! Truly grateful for the positive direction, a wonderful reminder to us all! Enjoy your day!!!

  3. Vicki Morris

    Tony, I’m catching up on some of your stories. One of my favorite songs is by a country artist named Blue Country and the song is “I Get To”. About a year before we lost my Dad, for Thanksgiving my brother and I did a skit for my Dad and we sang(Lip Sync) the Song, “I Get To”. It has the same beautiful message to turn the negative into the positive. Go take a listen to it – it is very inspiring and of course brings some tears to my eyes when I hear it now.
    Thanks for sharing your positive-ness with us.

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