Shirley MacLaine: Spiritual Superstar!

It’s not every night that I get to hear an Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winner, plus best-selling author all-in-one. However, when the multi-dimensional (literally) Shirley MacLaine spoke to a capacity crowd in the Palm Springs area last night, her aura shined brightest as spiritual superstar. The 77-year-old legend shared anecdotical photos of family (brother Warren), celebrities (Liz, Liza), and politicos (Clinton, Castro) as well as clips of her showbiz highlights (“The Apartment,” “Terms of Endearment”). Yet, when it came time for audience Q&A, attendees focused more on the topics covered in her books: New Age Thought and Spirituality.

When her Out on a Limb hit the shelves in 1983, the tome’s author just didn’t crack the door about spiritual subjects that were rarely discussed, Shirley kicked it wide open! While some cynics took potshots at her courage, thousands tapped into the book’s personal experiences of higher self discovery and past lives. Since then, more books, a mini-series, seminars and meetings with leaders (Dalai Lama) have positioned her as a formidable force in spirituality.

Last evening, she covered a lot of ground – and sky – to include UFO sightings. She mentioned her discussions with convinced government leaders and the research findings conducted with dozens of people who didn’t know each other, yet all shared similar first-hand encounters. A current resident of New Mexico, a state well-known for its UFO history, Shirley believes we are not alone. Nor do I.

An audience member asked what was Shirley’s favorite country that she had visited. She responded, “It was the first time I went to India. But, I knew I had been there before because I recognized the surroundings.” Shirley added that she’s felt that way about lots of places. When I had my own past-life regression session (which involved a deep meditation facilitated by a metaphysician who specialized in this work) several years ago, I immediately revisited a location where I had once lived: Easter Island. Guess what? I’ve always had a strong connection to the small isle located in the South Pacific. Exploring my past lives gave me greater insights into my current life and interests, as the past, present and future are all aligned. By the way, I do plan to go back to Easter Island soon!

Finally, she offered thoughts on the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012: It’s not the end of the world; it’s the end of a period. However, there is a major vibrational shift taking place due the re-alignment of the Sun, planets and galaxy, which is already impacting weather patterns and human behaviors as well. In other words, we can expect some changes.

As the shift continues, some may retreat to fear or desperation. But, it should be the exact opposite: renew and refresh. Now, more than ever is a time for positive voices and energies to step up. After my own spiritual awakening four years ago, I can say that I’m one of those voices. And, it’s part of my journey to share what I can to not only help others and the planet, but to increase awareness of my higher self and capabilities. I realize that there may be some who question, “Surely, you can’t be serious?”

Yes, I am. But, don’t call me Shirley! (wink wink)

Love and light,




8 thoughts on “Shirley MacLaine: Spiritual Superstar!

  1. Ricky Ray

    I am so glad you were able to attend and I am sorry that I could not be there! I am a big fan of Shirley’s and really enjoyed her latest book, “Sage-ing While Age-ing” I highly recommend it on CD – I really enjoyed listening to her read it as she provides some of her incredible insights! Keep up the great work Tony!!!!

  2. Jade

    Especially enjoyed this post and personally think it’s the best written one yet! Would love to meet the lovely MacLaine someday…I’ll never forget her in Madame Sousatzka or Terms of Endearment…now there’s a topic for your next post! 😉

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks Jade! She’s a classic example of someone who’s amazingly accomplished in so many areas…and is willing to share her learnings with others.

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