The HOW Factor!

At City of Hope, a major Los Angeles research hospital, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals walk past an eye-catching lawn sculpture with the following inscription: “There is no profit in curing the body if in the process we destroy the soul.” Translated to everyday events: It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it! What’s the point in completing a task, if we’ve bulldozed everything to achieve it?

Think about it. Most of us have aspirations – whether it’s starting a family, getting a promotion, leasing a new apartment, etc. And, there’s always a starting point – or what I refer to as planting the seeds – which leads to harvesting rewards. But, we have to be clear as to the developing path we choose. A path about which we can truly feel good; knowing that we’re not only advancing our journey of self-growth, but doing so in a manner that generates positive energy.

To determine if you’re moving ahead in this manner, ask yourself some questions. Is the fastest way really the ideal approach? Is constantly analyzing the same situation a sign of progress? Is cutting corners going to serve your outcome in the best light possible? Is carrying a grudge really something you want to continue schlepping as you continue your climb? And, you can add other similar inquiries.

Some may argue that you have to be manipulative or deceitful in order to be competitive or attain success. Some have thrived incorporating those tactics, but then often crash and burn. Why not choose to be fair and strategic versus ruthless and destructive? You can still claim your competitive edge and point of differentiation. And, be more satisfied down the road.

When I fully embraced my intuitive gift nearly five years ago, I made promises to myself and the Universe. First, I will use this ability to enlighten others instead of placing fear at their feet. Second, I will bring credibility and dignity to this career. And, yes, have some fun too (after all, it is a gift!).

Just remember, for every WHAT, there’s a HOW!

Love and light,





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