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Three years ago, I was in my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama visiting family for the holidays. One night leading up to Christmas, we dined at The Rawls, a restaurant inside a historic hotel of the same name. Being the shutterbug that I am, I snapped pictures as we enjoyed our evening in the room adorned with holiday greenery and garland. Later that night while awake in bed, I was shown a vision that I translated into “Check out pictures.” My spiritual guide and intuitive gift had a message for me, and I sensed it had something to do with the photos I had taken earlier that night. The next day after having the pictures printed, I saw what I needed to see: spiritual orbs in half of the photos!

Spiritual orbs are circular, glowing, textured images that represent non-physical life in photos. Nope, they’re not flash reflections from the camera. Over the past few years, almost all of my sets of photos have had orbs present in some of the pictures. I have pictures with one orb, several orbs or a whole host of orbs. Orbs can be in the background, on clothing or anywhere in the photo for that matter. They’re not camera shy.

So, why do orbs appear in photos? Personally, I feel that my profession attracts spiritual presences. But one doesn’t have to be an intuitive counselor to have a spiritual or angelic presence around. So, one reason why orbs show up in shots is because a spirit(s) has a close connection to those in the pictures. Even though a family member or dear friend has transitioned, they’d still probably love to be present (even in spirit form) at special gatherings. Earlier this year, a long-time pal, Sandy, made his transition. After the funeral, many old friends came together to remember and celebrate Sandy’s life. Again, I took pictures. And, again, a single orb popped up in many pictures. That night as toasts were made in his honor, I felt like Sandy was there as we raised our glasses.

Another example happened in March, when I attended the national volunteer conference of the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, D.C. After two days of meetings and workshops, my California colleagues and I attended the farewell mixer. Yes, the camera came out. And, guess what my photos looked like? There were orbs all over the place! Not only were there spiritual forms probably connected to our own immediate group, but undoubtedly the other volunteers from around the country had spiritual representation too!

Another reason why orbs show up in photos is that the spirit(s) is attached emotionally to an actual physical location. The Rawls in my hometown has a documented history of ghosts, a fact of which I was not aware when we had our Christmas dinner. I’ve also stayed at other historic places, like the Heceta Head Lighthouse off the central coast of Oregon. It, too, has a resident spirit, who once lived in the lighthouse keeper’s quarters. Many of you have probably visited places that have spiritual presences. And, they’re not haunted mansions like in the spooky, horror movies.

Of course, orbs are only one way in which spirits communicate with the physical world. But, speaking for someone who has a very visual brain, I love it when they show up in my pictures, like in my photo with my Aunt Rose below, which was taken last Christmas. I bet it was my late grandfather/her brother’s spirit jumping into the frame. Talk about the ultimate photo op!

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8 thoughts on “Photo Ops!

  1. Debi

    Hi Tony! Fun article!

    To me, Orbs showing-up in photos are one of many pieces of evidence that there is no separation between the physical and non-physical. As you know, when we transition (or die – as some call it, and you and I know there is no such thing as death – which could be a separate blog subject on its own!:-0) we simply drop the physical form and revert back to our spiritual form.

    This true short story kind of makes that clear. A few years ago a young man and friend of our family’s father transitioned (died) and returned to spirit form. The young man was especially devastated because he was engaged to be married and he wanted his father to be at the ceremony. Well his father was there alright and in a big way. When the pictures from his wedding came in, there was a very large orb over the young mans face. I think his father was giving him a great big hug and kiss! Don’t you?
    I love it and I love you! Thanks for creating this Excellent Blog!

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks Debi for sharing that beautiful story. I agree, the father’s presence was definitely there. Lots of love to you during this holiday season! – Tony

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