As Seen in The Law of Attraction

“This house was used in the movie, Blade Runner,” a docent shared with the corporate department I managed, as we enjoyed a private dinner in Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, the Ennis House, in 2007. This wasn’t the first time I’d been to the Los Angeles architectural gem. I was there once before five years prior.

In summer 2002, way before I discovered my psychic gift and how the Law of Attraction can manifest desired things into our live, I’d arrived in LA for a business trip. With an afternoon to spare, I drove to the top of Griffith Park, sprawled in the Hollywood hills, to see its famed observatory, a memorable locale, having been the site of the finale in Rebel Without a Cause. From the walkway behind the massive domed structure, I gazed out over the LA basin. Even through a layer of smoggy haze, I recognized a few landmarks in the distance such as the Capitol Records building in Hollywood. Looking to the east, I saw a home’s unique design peering out from a cluster of trees in the Los Feliz section of the city.

“Wow! That’s the Frank Lloyd Wright house that I’ve seen in magazines,” I said, not even knowing the name of it at the time. I was determined to see it up close. In my rental car, I maneuvered over to the steep hillside neighborhood. After a few miles of hairpin turns and narrow roads, I made it to the landmark, which was more magnificent than I’d expected. To my great delight, the ornate iron gate to the unoccupied home’s motor court was open, so I parked curbside and entered, dismissing any thoughts of possible trespassing. I soon discovered that I wasn’t alone.

“Are you here for the tour?” asked an older man, wearing glasses and holding a clipboard, who stood with a group of others gathered near the home’s multi-car garage.

Did my ears just hear right? Could I be this lucky? A tour was about to take place? “Yes,” I said with the same kind of boldness that I used to enter the grounds in the first place, “I am here for the tour.”

“Okay, well what’s your name so I can check you off of the list?”

“Uh, my name’s probably not on it, since I found out about the tour literally at the last minute,” I said trying to cement my presence with the dozen or so waiting. “Do I need to fill out some release papers or something?”

“Yeah, you’ll need you to complete this small registration form,” the docent said just before he collected my fee. Then, the amazing tour began!

Pacific Ocean air, hot California sun and testy earthquakes had taken a toll on the concrete block structure, which was completed in 1924. A non-profit raised funds to preserve and restore the estate, and to coordinate guided tours, one of which I was crashing that afternoon. While the outside cried for repairs, the inside remained mostly intact, down to the carefully placed mosaic tiles in the mural surrounding the open fireplace. Starring out from a window that framed panoramic views of downtown, a brainstorm kicked in: produce a corporate meeting for a senior executive team here one day.

And, I did in 2007. But, it was for my own department and me! Guess I was using the Law of Attraction before I even knew what it was!

Love and light,

My mother and I in front of the Ennis House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

My mother and I in front of the Ennis House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

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