Big Sur-vey!

Nature, as I often share with my psychic consultation clients, can be an ideal setting to take stock of your spiritual harmony. Last week while hiking in Big Sur, which covers miles of scenic central California coast and forests of redwood titans, I re-energized my soul.

Captivated by the sights (clouds lingering atop mountain trails), sounds (creeks babbling over canyon stones) and scents (wild sage freshening the air after a light rain), I became inspired and participated in a self-imposed questionnaire:

“What am I learning about my spiritual journey here in Big Sur?”

With a nod to TV’s Family Feud game show, the top three answers to the Sur-vey were:

Appreciation – Truly grateful for the experiences, both pleasant and not-so-much, as they’ve all had a hand in crafting my life so far.

Expansion – Ardently aware that it’s time to grow as a human being by making the appropriate decisions and executing the corresponding actions that will move me forward.

Exploration – A perpetual student, I will continue to look for opportunities (experiences, places, people) designed to enrich my soulful journey.

Now, reassured and more confident, I acknowledge Big Sur’s bounty of nature for awakening my spiritual core. That, I am Sur-tain!

Love and light,


Towering redwoods in Big Sur re-energized me spiritually.

Towering redwoods in Big Sur re-energized me spiritually.

6 thoughts on “Big Sur-vey!

  1. Robert McCormack

    I only visited Big Sur one time very briefly. I’ll never forget the awe I felt and tears in my eyes. I must do it again for a longer visit.

  2. Patrick

    Interesting on how you evolved even more on that Big Sur holiday. 🙂

    I love your enthusiasm for self reflection.


    Patrick 🙂

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