Santa Barbra?

Depending on how one looks at it, people have either appreciated/tolerated my admiration/fanaticism of Barbra Streisand. Her one-of-a-kind talent has been an inspiration since sixth grade. So, it shouldn’t come as surprise that Babs made a cameo appearance last week at a special moment in my career as a psychic medium.

Recently, I was honored when a producer/director proposed doing a cable-access TV show about my work and various spirituality topics. We brainstormed on the name (Southern Soul – given I’m from Alabama and a psychic), the length (half hour) and where to film. For my first stab on the airwaves, shooting on location at the beautiful Santa Barbara Rose Garden, adjacent to the city’s famous mission, was a unanimous choice.

I’d been to this floral bonanza many times to meditate and view the countless varieties of blooms that cover half a football field. Among the roses decorating the landscape, several are named after celebrities, of whom, I spotted Julia Child, Marilyn Monroe and Henry Fonda. Now, I knew a rose had also been commissioned after Streisand’s namesake, yet my investigative efforts never found a clue of it in the huge garden.

Cut to last week, I was a little anxious (ok, nervous) about filming the initial episode at a public park. But, within the first steps of walking onto the grounds of the rose garden, I came in contact with a small plaque at my feet: Barbra Streisand. There, in all its pink, fragrant glory, was her rose, doubling as a positive sign for me to do the show! After all these years, the original Funny Girl was still encouraging me!

Streisand’s now planning a movie remake of the musical, Gypsy. The show’s signature song? “Everything’s Coming Up Roses!”

Love and light,


Barbra Streisand pops up at just the right time!

Barbra Streisand pops up at just the right time!

27 thoughts on “Santa Barbra?

  1. Dianne Meredith

    Sounds like everything is coming up roses for you Tony…..I wish we could view your Southern Soul show in Louisville…Congrats…

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey, Dianne! Thanks so much! I believe that there will be some kind of streaming option of the show once it’s ready to air. I will keep you posted! xoxo

  2. Joyce

    All this time I thought I was your muse!! Have I been replaced? Much love and prayers for success on your newest adventure.

  3. suz

    Roses/Barbra – way cool! And the TV show, too! Will it be available online so that us Southern Souls can watch it? 🙂

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