Instrumental To Our Lives

Picture this: I once played the trombone! A member of my seventh grade junior high band, I never aced a performance, as my arms were too short to slide out to the last scale position. Realizing my slight disadvantage, I attempted to make up for it by giving extra energy to those notes that I could reach.

In 1975, my fellow budding musicians and I performed Billboard pop hits as we marched down Main Street for various parades. Today, I’m more in tune with my spiritual journey and how it positively influences my life.

Everyone loves the comic strip Peanuts! Personally, I relate to a mix of Snoopy’s upbeat force and Linus’ calm reasoning, yet, I admire the musical genius, Schroeder. After all, this kid plays a tee-tiny baby grand and transforms himself into the great interpreter of Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven and other classical giants. Schroeder never saw his miniature piano as a hindrance; instead, he banged the ivories with magical sophistication.

As each of us makes our own kind of music, it’s important not to dwell on any perceived shortcomings, whether they’re limited limbs or reduced resources. Focus on the passion, determination and vision (and, yes, talent) that will manifest an amazing harmony.

Make your life the concert you’ll never forget!

Love and light,




6 thoughts on “Instrumental To Our Lives

  1. JC

    I didn’t realize we had the trombone in common. I also played when I was in middle school. For me, the downside was all that spit.

    1. Tony Post author

      Oh, yes! It’s a shame we don’t still have our horns; we could do a jam session of “Theme from MASH,” and “It Never Rains In California,” the two songs I recall playing in 7th grade!

  2. Zaria Papa

    Hi Tony,

    As I was reading your post, memories from my past popped up. When I was a child, the teachers would encourage me to study music as they loved my voice when I was singing. Later on, my parents bought me a piano as they wanted me to express myself through music. Though, life did not get things as I wanted to (at least that is what I thought it was best for me at that time) so I never really followed that path as a musician or singer.

    Years down the line, I blamed karma as I felt at that I did deserve so much more. I thought that music is what I desire to pursue in life but really, it was more a means of avoiding my psychic abilities and anything that had to do with spirituality. Now that I look back, I have to admit that I am thankful that everything turned out to be different. I was meant to be a teacher and not a musician.

    I still have passion for music, this has never changed. After reading your words, I smiled because I feel that I am more than musician. I am a Maestro of my life which makes me even more proud of all the steps I have taken to be where I am today. Thank you for writing this post. It speaks straight to my heart!


    1. Tony Post author

      Hi! Thanks for reading and your comments! I love “maestro of my life!” By the way, I haven’t picked up a trombone since those 7th grade years! Hugs to you!

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