Field of Dreams

Checking Facebook a few days ago, I came across a photo that a former MCI colleague posted of his Atlanta next-door neighbor planting a garden of lettuce, greens and squash. Since there was only a fence separating the two yards, I jokingly commented to my pal: “Why don’t you plant corn and erect a scarecrow!” An overused metaphor perhaps, but placing seeds into the ground is essential to harvesting dreams, whether it’s reaping a crop of produce or running the New York City Marathon.

Before the neighbor started tilling dirt, he probably reviewed a battery of questions: What would grow best in that soil? When would be the best time to plant? How much rainfall or watering would be required? (Stop me if I’m starting to sound like the Farmers’ Almanac!) And, even if the answers at which he arrived appeared somewhat daunting, (“You mean, I have to water this garden twice a day for the first three weeks?! Do I have time for that?”) the idea of homegrown veggies had taken root in his consciousness. When gardens – or dreams – are firmly planted into our minds, we have choices and steps requiring effort to make that will lead to fruition or not.

I love it when I tap into an intuitive consultation client’s ambition. Especially, if the idea is a passionate one, because then half the battle is already won. A year or so ago, I attended a Hay House Conference in San Diego. During a break, the lady sitting next to me asked what I did. Before the day was over, she scheduled a private consultation. In a quiet corner of the rather large meeting hall, I told her that she had an interest in baking cakes. She agreed. Now that the energy lines were established, I charged on with additional insights. “You could earn money with these cakes, but smaller versions.” She agreed again and even acknowledged that mini-cakes were next on her baked goods agenda.

Then, she blurted her dream! “I want to sell my products at Starbucks. How can I make a connection with its headquarters?” Wow! What a vision: One second, she’s the queen of her suburban kitchen; the next, she’s fulfilling requests to complement grande lattes on a national scale!  My job was to provide the insights that would steer her in that direction.

“Keep Starbucks on your horizon,” I said, “but, let’s talk about the steps you’ll be taking to get you closer. Because, what you don’t want is to send samples to the company tomorrow and then next week the Senior Vice President of Marketing calls and places demands that you’re not equipped to handle at this juncture.” I was picking up that a local trial needed to happen first for a number of reasons. “Have you shared your mini-cake proposal with the coffeehouse around the corner from where you live?” She shook her head from side to side. “Just starting out, an outlet in your own neighborhood would give you opportunities to test, market, deliver and anything else associated with your product. More importantly, the drill will build confidence and confirm that you’re up to the task of pursuing the next phase of your venture.”

Desires and dreams start with planting seeds in your garden. With the appropriate nurturing, they will grow. By the way, the lady baker’s speciality: carrot cake!

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    1. Tony Post author

      Hey – Glad you liked the post. The lady even offered to make one of her carrot cakes (unfortunately, not a fan of carrot cake)….red velvet on the other hand : )

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