What’s In A Name?

The late Jim Croce, considered one of the most prolific singer/songwriters of 70’s pop music, had a string of hits, including the ballad, “I Got A Name.” However, it wasn’t until when the late Lena Horne covered the song that I really understood its raw and rich meaning: Each of us is born with a name and a soul – and nobody can rob us of those. Given how Ms. Horne overcame the struggles in her early career as an African-American singer (she “performed” in clubs in which she wasn’t “allowed” as a patron), her rendition has always struck a chord with me since I heard it in the mid-80s.

The importance of this lyrical reference has played a role in my intuitive consultations. A few months ago a client on the phone said, “I feel like all sides of my life are caving in.” He wasn’t kidding: unemployment, relationship issues and even health complications. While it’s easier to start off exclusively with the negatives, I asked the client to acknowledge something that he will always have in his life? Numero uno: “My name.” Granted, it’s a baby-step in the life improvement process, but he realized that his name (and how he represents it) is his calling card to the world. Without it, each of us are only the label on junk mail: Occupant. Just as important, our name is connected to what resides deep inside – our soul. And, our soul is what gives life to our dreams and aspirations.

Another time when “I Got A Name” is applied during a session is when the client situation involves frustration at work, such as being passed over for a long-due promotion or better job shift. The client obviously wants to achieve more personal – and financial – growth, but sees the big, bad boss as the big, bad barrier. My response: “First of all, there is little, if anything, to gain from placing blame. So, while a superior may have made up his/her mind, he/she doesn’t have control over yours!” It may appear that in the current situation that the decision makers are “the powers that be.” But, that’s not exactly true because they can’t destroy one’s ambitions or goals – or name. As long as one stays focused, opportunities will manifest (more than likely at another workplace).

Some of you may know that I’ve written a book (based on my spiritual journey and discoveries) and I’ve been seeking a literary agent and publisher. I’ve been turned down once, twice…I’ll put it this way: I’ve had my share of rejections. Instead of being beaten down, my project has actually gained more momentum. I chose to learn from the process itself, such as how could I improve my book proposal. And, I also continue to embrace the power associated with my name (after all, the manuscript is a memoir) and my vision of the published work. Those rejection notices can’t take that away from me!

Feel good about your name and the strength it represents! Toot your own horn and make Lena – and yourself – proud!

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4 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

    1. Tony Post author

      Thanks for your comment…Glad to hear that change continues to move you in a positive direction. And, I love Lena Horne (ever since I saw the incredible “60 Minutes” profile on her and her Broadway bio show back in the 80s).

  1. Jenia Elliott Green

    Tony, this I have read this article over and over. The words take me back “my early years” when my parents would tell me “I may have temporary friends and life long friends but never let them change “who I was and what I believed” she would tell me there are two things you’ll take to your grave 1) my name/reputation and 2) my word……You hit the nail right on the head….Please continue your blog….you never know who’s on the other end reading that is down & out & simply needs “REFRESHER COURSE on the Morals we were raised upon”

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