The New Year

“I told my husband that if he didn’t give me a gift certificate for a session with you, that I was going to buy one for myself!” expressed a female client over the phone just before the holidays. She, like many others, was eager to schedule a psychic-intuitive consultation with me this month as part of easing into 2013!

Sessions that center around ushering in a new calendar are typically full of possibilities, perhaps because most clients are willing to be more adventurous and open to what lies ahead. Sometimes it just helps to have a fresh perspective after months of utilizing time-worn practices that garnered little or no results. Whatever the reason, January is one of the most popular months for bookings.

Also, just prior to Christmas, I announced that I’d award an hour-long psychic-intuitive consultation to two randomly-selected SUBSCRIBERS of my blog. Both winners have been notified and are thrilled to have been selected! Since my private sessions are confidential, I don’t disclose my clients’ names – even if they’re contest winners. They can share if they’d like, but I keep a closed lid!

Thanks to all those loyal subscribers – and to the dozens of new ones who signed up last month. It was such a great experience, that I plan to offer the sweepstakes again later this year! So, “click” SUBSCRIBE and enter your email if you haven’t already done so and become eligible for the next round. And, stay tuned!

As for the woman who was hoping her mate would buy her a consultation, there’s a happy ending. Hubby came through: he bought one for her AND for himself! Happy New Year everyone!

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