2017 Predictions

As the new year approaches, the psychic medium in me offers some of the intuitions and vibes that I’ve recently received.

Pipe Down – The controversial pipe line project in North Dakota, which the Sioux tribe and supporters have been fighting, will continue to draw attention. Plans will come about for land to be excavated for pipe placement, but this will not go uncontested. Expect a massive movement, to include marches and even an anthem written and recorded, against this project.

Technology Thingamajig – The trend of an evolving cashless society makes more leaps next year. Also, I feel a technology giant will lose its footing, and will consider divesting some of its products and/or investments.

Tee Time – In the world of professional golf, a major player will be in a scandal. I’m even seeing handcuffs being brought into the picture, which tells me that formal charges will be filed.

Catcher’s Mitt – Former Republican candidate for U.S. President Mitt Romney will be in a highly-visible role, delivering information, insights and opinions in front of an audience. He comes across like a natural in this position.

Animal Instincts – Wildlife animals (giraffes, lions, pumas, etc.) will have more protection from poachers or trophy marksmen. As a part of this heightened awareness, rescuers may “tag” or “ID” select animals in specific regions.

Health & Healing – Scientists, medical experts and, yes, noted spiritualists will be involved in a significant healing advancement. Despite decades of slow, yet effective, results, a major breakthrough happens. The next hurdle will be to secure funding for future studies, tests and ultimate implementation.

Finally, as we draw to a close the year 2016, reflect on what matters most: love. It deserves a banner headline in 2017!

Love and light,


What will 2017 bring?

What will 2017 bring?

12 thoughts on “2017 Predictions

  1. Linda Carlson

    Great information, Tony. Thank you for your insight for 2017.

    Have a very Merry Christmas 🎄 Be safe on New Years if you’re out celebrating.

  2. Suz

    Health and Healing – How wonderful it would be to see advancements in cancer, Autism, Alzheimer’s – the list goes on and on.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s Eve and Day. Peace be with you, Tony!

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