The Graveyard Shift

During my wee morning layover earlier this week, San Francisco’s airport was a ghost town, with only a skeletal crew prepping the terminal for the onslaught of travelers expected four hours later. The quiet – except for an industrial vacuum humming – scene reminded me of my college graveyard shifts at a mini-mart. Yes, from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m., yours truly functioned as cashier/gas attendant/janitor; I did it all.

Today, my job as a psychic medium also involves some work during those same hours! However, in this role, I’m not checking fuel tanks or brewing pots of coffee; I’m connecting with the spiritual realm. Here’s what happens: typically, when I awaken in the middle of the night, my mind and body are very comfortable, much like being in deep meditation. Given my relaxed state, I’m open to receiving spiritual insights and messages.

Bedside, I maintain a journal to document what visions and information I receive. Flipping through the pages, my notes – remember they’re written around two or three in the morning – would probably mean nothing to the average reader. I’ve adopted a form of shorthand in order to capture as much as I can. Sometimes, the messages are for clients; other nights, they are intended for me.

So, I salute those nocturnal workers, the ones who help usher in the forthcoming day. Even though, I no longer work the graveyard shift at the gas station, I can relate.

I’m with you in spirit…literally!

Love and light,


Graveyard crew servicing deserted San Francisco airport gates at two in the morning

Graveyard crew servicing deserted San Francisco airport gates at two in the morning.


4 thoughts on “The Graveyard Shift

  1. Jacky

    I’ve always liked working graveyard shifts. Traffic was easier! Working a job next week from 10am-7pm. Will miss both rush hours!!!!

  2. Rosemary Carter

    You’ve done it all, and that has helped make you the interesting person you are. You are doubly blessed, because you’ve had these experiences, and also because you realize their value. Have a great holiday season!

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