Grown-up Christmas List

Jolly Ol’ St. Nick always honored my requests, which ranged from Matchbox Cars to Monopoly, when I was young boy. Decades have passed since I waited for Santa’s arrival, but it hasn’t stopped me from writing a grown-up Christmas list. Here it goes:

First, I’d like to continue to have positive and spiritual influencers enter my life. I’m open to all encounters: people, animals, places and experiences!

Second, I wish for healing energy to spread as far as possible to those who are moving through illnesses and hardships. The power can be amazing.

Next, I want the magic of a Christmas tree to last the entire year, not just in December. (Note: the tree doesn’t actually have to stay up month after month!).

Finally, I’m sending a request for world peace. It’s a tall order, so this particular wish list item must come in an extra-large size.

Love, light and Happy Holidays to all,


We’re never too old to write a grown-up wish list to Santa!



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